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    I just had a scary experience.  I’m working on converting a site from Weaver II Pro to Weaver Xtreme, making good progress – 90% done, I’d say.
    I was in the Xtreme Main Options -> Menus -> Extra Menu section, clicked the CSS button next to “Hover BG”, and entered {text-decoration:underline;}, then clicked Save Settings. Went to look at the site and suddenly everything was horribly wrong. I’d lost the color scheme for the main content area, custom fonts for the header were gone, font sizes in the content area were wrong – it looked like a disaster.

    After a few moments of utter panic, I went back to the Extra Menu section and deleted that {text-decoration:underline;} I had put in the custom CSS field. To my great relief, the site was then restored to the way it had looked before.

    Any explanation for what happened? 

    It occurs to me that maybe the CSS for the Hover BG was not the right place to put this particular bit of CSS, but if not, where would it go? It makes me leery of using those CSS+ buttons. For now, I’m going back to all custom CSS in the Custom CSS Rules section of the “Fonts & Custom” area.


    Likely that you had a typo in your first version. It is possible for even a tiny CSS error, such as a missing ” or missing/extre {} will put all of the rest of the CSS “out of sync”.

    For example, leaving out a closing ” on a value can really break things since the CSS is looking for the closing “, and will “look” all through all the following CSS until if finds one – and thus that CSS doesn’t work. Same for a missing } or an extra {.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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