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    I may have goofed something up by adding pieces and plugins because, I can’t get the suggest I see in the forum to work.
    Site located at http://mytitlerate.com/indianvalley/#contact-us

    My terminology may not be accurate,  What I’m trying to accomplish is a menu bar just like the menu bar on this forum.

    I added a sticky menu plugin but it does not go over the header image.

    I don’t mind starting from scratch if there is a better way to accomplish this without the plugin. 

    The problem is the overlay, your plugin fails to set a z-index high enough to be above the content.

    You can fix that by adding the rule below in Advanced options > Head Section > Custom CSS Rule box
    #nav-top-menu {position:relative;z-index:999;}

    That said, you could fix the top menu without using a plugin, by following the item labeled /*Create just a fixed menu bar at the top of the page. */ in the tutorial below

    More importantly you need to think about switching to the latest generation Weaver Xtreme which will have that as a standard feature in its upcoming next version
    Conversion procedure below


    As always, thank you for your quick response.

    I’m almost there. I just need to eliminate the space above the header. I assume it has something to do with #page-top but, I can’t seem to eliminate it all together. 

    P.S. I have been playing with a copy of Xtreme and plan to make a switch soon. I’m just under a slight time restraint and I’m more comfortable with Pro II


    What space above the header.

    Do you mean you want the header to be under the menu bar at the beginning?

    If so add the rule

    #branding {top:-60px;}

    If not elaborate as I don’t see any, the header starts right below the menu bar


    Your the best. Exactly what I meant.

    Thank you again for the help.


    I’ve been using WeaverXtreme for years, but a customer just asked me to create a fixed header/menu for a Weaver II site I developed five years ago. I tried to find a post from years ago (https://forum.weavertheme.com/discussion/3486/infos-and-examples-for-custom-css-rules-part5) that told how to do it, but that post is no longer available. Is there any way to find the old instructions on how to create a sticky menu/header in Weaver II?


    You are lucky I kept a copy of all my weaver II tutorials 🙂

    /*Create a fixed header and a fixed footer with scrolling content in between (needs header tweaking)*/

    #branding {position:fixed;width:100%;max-width:1024px;}
    #nav-bottom-menu {position:fixed;margin-top:170px;width:100%;max-width:1024px;}
    #main {padding-top:210px;}
    #colophon {position:fixed;bottom:0px;width:100%;max-width:1024px;}


    Thank you so much, Scrambler.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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