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    I made a number of websites using Weaver II Theme. I am not a programmer or computer person at all. Since its been a few years that I did those websites, I feel like a beginner all over again. What would be nice would be to have handy a primer of descriptions of every element in a word press template. I know what I want to do, but I can’t find where to do it most times because I don’t know what the element I want to change is called! I have, for example gotten a menu bar the way I want it, but now I want to work on the buttons that link to different pages. When I get to that main area (appearance, theme options, main options, menus) there are a whole mess of menus!

    Here is a another example;

    I want to get rid of the text that I highlighted. But I don’t know exactly what those things are called, so I can’t find them in the editing menus.


    On your example, that seems to be the site title and tagline (which you really need to define for SEO purposes), but can be hidden from display in the header section. The other item is simply the page (or post) title, specified when you create the page or post content.

    So styling of those elements is available on the Content Areas tab, or the Post Specifics tab.

    It would probably serve you well to take a few minutes to read the descriptions of each Weaver Xtreme option tab in the ivroy colored box at the top of each tab under the Main Options tab. The other tabs have descriptions, too. And an hour or so reading the theme documentation from the Help tab is likely to do you a lot of good, too. It will give you an idea of the many things you can do.


    There are  3 main things to explore and learn.

    The WordPress settings, mostly under Appearance (header, background, Menus) Appearance > Menus is important, as this is where you can create your Menu(s) decide what ietms are in them, their name, and which menu is primary and secondary (if you use two).

    Then the biggest part are all the Pages under Main options for all formatting and styling options. Go though each of them to get a glimpse of what is there.

    Finally as you create pages or posts, their editing page will have a lot of options to customize individual pages. For example the bottom text you highlighted is probably the page title, and there is an option to hide the page title in every page editing page.

    For the title / tagline at the top, as weaver mentioned, y0u hide them in Main Options > HEader > Site Title / Tagline > Hide Site Title and Hide site Tagline drop down lists.

    You can also explore the Demo site that has a lot of information including a support page that give out key options places.



    Thank you both. This is what I needed for reference!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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