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    Hi. I have this issue too, but neither solution is rectifying it. I’m guessing this is because we have the site and the WP dashboard on different domains, and we didn’t adjust this behaviour before mapping across. If that is not likely to be the cause, I’d appreciate advice (and indeed advice if so).



    This was an old topic, and your issue should be a new topic.

    In summary, the standard Weaver option set allows you to change the default BG color of the Editor:

    Legacy Interface from Appearance dashboard menu:  Weaver Xtreme Admin : Main options : Content Areas : Text : Page/Post Editor BG

    Customizer : Customize : Colors : Content : Page/Post Editor BG (at very bottom of menu)fd

    I have never run a spit admin/visitor side site – I’m not even sure how to do that. I know there are ways to cross domains for the media library, but I don’t know about other options, so it is hard to have a reasonable theory about what is going on.

    But, some questions:

    Will the editor show other options related changes such as styling of h elements, or font-family?

    Normally, the editor should match pretty closely the options you have set (including the bg color override which normally should match the site bg color.)

    Are you using the very latest version of Weaver Xtreme – 3.1.8, and the theme support plugin. The latest version has made a very significant change in the way the editor loads theme specific styling from previous versions – one that more closely matches the theme options affecting styling.

    That editor style file resides on the /wp-content/uploads directory – which is the directory that has the media library. So if you can use the admin to upload media library items, then I would think it should also be using the correct editor style file.

    If these hints don’t help solve your issue, then a link to your sight would be helpful.



    Hi, thanks for the reply.

    Apologies for not creating new topic – I should have checked the dates.

    No, when I go to edit a page, it does not show options related changes, if that’s what you mean, but I can change those things in the Weaver extreme admin. The only things I can’t change, seemingly, are the BG colour and font colour for the editor pages.

    Yes, I’m running 3.1.8 and the plugin.

    I can upload media, but when we mapped over that function did temporarily disappear, so if it resides on the same folder, that part might still be disconnected. Related to the provision of SSL certificates, I was told. That is something to pursue, perhaps.

    The site is pinterlegacies.com




    It does sound like the editor is not picking up styling. The content should match your theme options for fonts, spacing, colors, etc. If it doesn’t then the styling is not getting picked up by the editor.



    It is an odd configuration, I’m discovering, and I now see that page attributes are not available in the editor too, which is more worrying than the black/white visual editor, which is just annoying. I can change styling easily enough in the weaver admin, and it comes through in the published pages, but isn’t showing up in the visual editor. As I’ve just been getting the site up and running, and mostly been using the text editor, and only so far concentrated on key pages, these limitations in the configuration are only now becoming evident. So, basically, I have full control of what the website looks like, but can’t control the visual editor background/font colour etc. or set a parent page or page template via the editor. It seems any solutions are to be found in the set-up of the mapping between domains, not in weaver settings or solutions, so I’ll try to address that. Thanks for your time anyway.



    You do have an unusual configuration. Selecting the page template is totally under management by WordPress core. Page templates are defined by the theme with a special header/comment section in the page template PHP file in the theme’s root directory. There are no WP API calls or other special methods for defining page templates. So if you are not getting the page templates as choices on the page editor interface, or they don’t work, then this is definitely not related directly a theme.

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