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    I had a similar experience. I commented out all the code in the child starter theme files and activated it. (Why? I use a plug-in that allows me to override template files by placing them in a certain directory hierarchy in the theme. I got tired of rebuilding those folders and template files each time Xtreme was updated. So I thought an “empty” child theme would be an easy solution.) but when I activated the child theme, all the weaver/Xtreme settings carried over beautifully but the settings that are native to WordPress (site logo, menu assignments to menu positions, etc) reverted to the defaults. Is that expected behavior when loading a child theme? I’ve never worked with child themes (Xtreme is so powerful I’ve never needed to) so I thought maybe that was a how child themes are supposed to work and I would have to redo those settings manually.


    I split your post as not to confuse the issue with the other thread.

    It does not seem right that using a child them would reset some of the layout options, but @weaver will have to confirm.



    Thank you, @scrambler. I’ll wait for @weaver to weigh in.


    All those settings are saved in their own entry (theme_mod) in the WP database. Every theme with a different name has the same “featurre”. There is no workaround for this. And this is true for any theme’s child themes. Is a hard-wired WP issue that is set in stone.

    That said, I think this normally only affects the Menu assignments when used with Weaver Xtreme, especially since Weaver Xteme 5 no longer supports the WP background color.

    There might be others, but I ususally only have to reset the menu asssignments.


    Thanks for the reply, @weaver. That makes sense and is essentially what I was deducing. I just need to do a one-time set up for the site logo, menus and whatever else, and I should be good to go.

    For what it’s worth, the V5 upgrades went completely smoothly for all my sites, some of which are heavily modified with php, js and css. Not the slightest wrinkle. The Child theme was something I tried after V5, mostly because the updates kept (correctly) blowing away my plugin’s template folder, and I got tired of re-creating it. Thank you for an amazing, flexible theme!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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