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    You may be able to do it from your Cpanel but hkp is right, if you cant find it, you have to ask your host


    I’d love your help on making the image scalable as I need to learn this for other images. I know I’ve taken up a lot of your time already, I appreciate your offer to help again.



    If you are going to need to do that on many images, then the ideal process would be to add a class to the image and then we would style the class.
    Of course that would mean that however you are creating the content, you would need a way to add a class to the image.

    If not and just for the home page, the Rule below should do the job

    .home img.wp-image-1589 {width:40%;max-width:250px;}



    I use a plugin called Cloudinary to automatically scale images to the user’s screen size.

    They also host the images and supply them through a very fast CND, so it will not slow your site. In fact, Cloudinary may speed up your site…..

    You can migrate away from Cloudinary at any time and go back to your site defaults whenever you wish.

Viewing 4 posts - 33 through 36 (of 36 total)
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