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    I am using the cosmic late template and need to simply turn off the use of genericons. I am getting this error message:

    downloadable font: rejected by sanitizer (font-family: “Genericons” style:normal weight:400 stretch:100 src index:0) source: https://myweb.com/wp-content/themes/weaver-xtreme/assets/css/fonts/genericons/Genericons.eot

    Is there an admin function for me to turn the loading off? If so, where is it. If not, where in the code is the CSS loaded so I can manually turn it off?


    what is “the cosmic late template”??

    Is that from a plugin?

    And please provide a link to your site



    Cosmic Late is one of Weaver’s subthemes – not really a template.

    I don’t know what the sanitizer is?

    The genericons font is used for the icons in post header info.

    There is no reason I can think of that there should be anything for there to be a problem.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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