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    Hello, again!

    Here’s a post on my site:

    Honest Videlify Review – Traffic Generating Software

    The id of this post is 1182.

    This post has several tags. For example:

    • videlify coupon
    • best videlify bonus
    • buy videlify

    When I view source, I find the following two issues:

    1) The tags actually appear like this:

    • tag-videlify-coupon
    • tag-best-videlify-bonus
    • tag-buy-videlify

    Is this something the theme does on purpose? From an SEO standpoint, the tags or keywords would need to be as “clean” as possible: With spaces instead of hyphens, and without the “tag” prefix.

    2) I also see tags from OTHER posts in the source code of that very post. For example, I see tags like:

    • tag-best-qishiobits-bonuses
    • tag-buy-qishiobits
    • tag-does-qishiobits-work

    … which belong to the following post:

    Honest QishioBits Review – WhatsApp Marketing Tool

    The id of that post is 1147

    Any idea why this is going on?



    Those are automatically generated by core WordPress when it generates tagged post content.

    Follow up: Note that those items are not related to anything Google or other search engine would ever look at. They are part of the HTML class of the content, and can be used to control formatting of that content. Classes are not ordinarily useful for indexing – just styling.


    Hi, Bruce! 🙂

    That’s exactly my point. Google will never look at those.

    I could swear I have seen source codes of sites metnioning their tags, and they are in format similar to meta keywords. Something like:

    Tags: tag 1, tag 2, tag 3.

    Maybe this only happens on sites that actually mention the tags themselves in the post content itself (I can’t remember to be honest).

    Still, WordPress is so popular, because of its SEO abilities. It seems odd WordPress would bloat the code and also dilute the SEO juice of a post by adding unrelated tag code in a post. Oh, well.

    Anyway, if this is unrelated to the awesome Weaver XTreme theme, I understand.

    Thanks again!


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    Those class tags are definitely not bloat nor irrelevant. For some people, having a specific class of tagged posts would allow for custom CSS to distinguish those postst from a particular tag name. Again, a class=”x y z” attribute will never be used to generat any sort of information related to the content. They are there for styling purposes only – from the clsss attribute. If a post was tagged or categorized by the content author, that represents a possibly useful classification scheme that can in fact generate possibly metadata for an entire category or tag. But all of that is totally unrelated to the HTML class attribute, which is exclusively used for styling.

    In previous times, when both hosts and user computers were orders of magnitude slower than current computers, such details may have been measurable. Today, the effects of such information can not really be measured to any significant degree.



    Thanks for the info, Bruce – I appreciate it!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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