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    Yes, Scrambler, I get only posts of the same category. Yes sorting by date is the default for WordPress.

    Weaver, I am not doing anything special, I am using a plugin called flex blocks, that (in block mode) allows me to specify a query to pull posts of a specific category, and display them in a specific way. Once the user clicks on a post (item), then it goes to a single post page, with next and previous options.

    I can confirm that if I select the category bee, from themes, that 11 items show up correctly and there are no missing items.

    All the bee items have now only one category.  So what would cause items with multiple categories to not show?


    As we said, we do not have the problem, so something else is at play.

    Did you make the test I recommended?

    Like create a new test post, give it the category bee plus another category and see if it shows up in the post navigation from another post in the bee category.

    Give a link to the new test post.

    Last, have you tried to deactivate all non weaver plugins, including flex block, and see if when you open a single posts page and navigate, it works properly.

    If it does reactivate one by one to find the culprit

Viewing 2 posts - 17 through 18 (of 18 total)
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