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    Hello!  First of all, thank you for your wonderful theme!

    I would like to change the sort for the category and tag pages.

    I am using the Xtreme Plus plugin.  I’ve imported some custom post types and they are working well using the standard category and tag pages.  However I would like to change what they’re sorted by.  Ideally I’d like them to be sorted by a custom field.  If that isn’t possible, I’d like them to be sorted by the post ID.

    I’m using the posts with pages template for the option of displaying all the posts.  I’ve been able to make a version of that template (in a child theme) that sorts by a custom field.  I’m just unable to find where to make that change in the category and tag templates.

    Thank you!


    You should install the Weaver Show posts plugin, and explore creating post page using that (via a shortcode in a default template page).

    The show post plugins lets you define filter to select and sort posts, and may have the options you need.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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