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    Richard L

    I’m redoing my site with Weaver Extreme, and I can’t get several features which I have selected and published to appear in any browser.

    Two examples are the Header Font Selection (Typography) and the Hide Infobar feature.

    No matter what font I select, it always appears on any browser or device as Alegreya. Other formatting such as font size and italics on/off does change, but never the font.

    The Hide Info Bar drop down says Hide On All Devices.

    When I hit Publish on any of these selections, the change does appear in the preview window, but not in any browser on on any device.

    I’m working on laptop in Chrome and my WordPress is up to day. I just downloaded Weaver Extreme a couple of days ago.

    I did note that some changes such as wrapping color took overnight to appear in Firefox and on my phone, but the above features and a few others have not changed to show my published selections.

    Am I missing something? Any suggestions?



    Please always include a link to your site.

    Have you installed the Xtreme Theme support plugin?

    If not do so, if yes, after you Publish in the customizer, go to the legacy admin in appearance > Xtreme Admin > Main options page and check if the corresponding option is checked there too.

    In all cases resave settings from that legacy interface, and then check if the public site reflects the option.

    Finally, review all the recommendations in the article below

    Settings Won’t Save from Customizer – Weaver Xtreme Guide (weavertheme.com)

    Last, make sure you clear all caches after any changes (cache plugin, service like Cloudflare, browser…).

    Richard L

    Thank you, Scrambler. I’ll work through all of that and write back if I have any questions. Been using WordPress for over a decade, but I’m a bit of a newbie in regard to how the newer themes work.


    @Richard L

    I’m curious, and I may be misunderstanding you here….

    You wrote:  “The Hide Info Bar drop down says ‘Hide On All Devices’.”

    What happens if  that is changed to “Do Not Hide” ?

    As Scrambler mentioned, this may be cache related in some part.

    For what it is worth, I use the Duckduckgo browser for testing what the website looks like, as it has a feature on the front to clear the cache and all data immediately, or after a fixed period, of after closure.  I found this helps in testing, as does turning off site caching for a period.


    Richard L

    @user @scrambler

    Hey User, thanks for the tip on Duckduckgo, which I do have.

    The suggestion and link that scrambler passed along was super useful. Basically I found that I needed to check any changes that I published against the settings in Weaver Extreme Admin under Appearance in my WordPress Dashboard. That Admin page has (or seems to have) all of the same options that are in the Customize feature. The only difference is that you can’t see the changes on the Admin page. For example, various colors around the site. For some reason, at least at first, when I’d change them in Customize, they wouldn’t change automatically on the Weaver Extreme Admin page. Though the last couple of days they seem to. It feels redundant, and I’m not sure why I have to, but I’m checking any changes against the Admin page to make sure the settings are the same as in Customize. But I’m about done building the site, so it doesn’t feel like too much trouble, and it has been working.

    I hope that all makes sense.

    I’m wondering if maybe I was having that problem because this was a site that used to be on the original Weaver theme, which broke on my last September when I updated WordPress and php. The site has been on a default theme since then, and this rebuild is to make it look and function like I want it to again. Since it was on the previous theme, a lot of the features came marked as “inherit”, and I’m wondering if some of the difficulty stemmed from that.

    Since scrambler had asked, the site that I’m rebuilding is http://www.richardloranger.com. I’ll be working on it for a bit since a lot of the info is old and some of the links are broken, and a little of the formatting didn’t translate well, but it’s more or less up and running. Thanks again to Scrambler for help with that!


    Make sure you never open two different setting pages at the same time, that would cause conflict and result in settings not being saved.

    Either open the customizer and save there OR open the legacy admin and save there, but don’t have them both opened at the same time

    Ultimately, with only the customizer opened, settings should save properly from there. If they don’t, but save properly in the legacy admin, you likely have a configuration problem as explained in the article (memory, variable…)

    Richard L

    Thanks again, Scrambler. I’ve been closing the Customizer then checking the settings in the Admin page. They seem to be saving in both now. Not sure why they weren’t at first, though I did clear caches…


    I personally never use the leagacy options interface. I do find that the saving of options is 100% reliable from the customizer.

    EXCEPT when I forget to click the Publish button, which I do very frequently! (And similarly on the Legacy interface if you don’t click Save.). But I often forget to Publish before trying to view the site in another tab or browser.


    @Richard L

    Pleased to help. It looks like you are making progress now on the site.

    After having a look, I do have a couple of suggestions for your consideration, since as you say, you are looking at everything anew…. 🙂

    1) Rather than cut and paste text from Facebook directly into your WP page, consider pasting into MS-Notepad first, and then copying from there. WP will then paste as plain text and not FB text, which leaves behind code even after the text is deleted. (FYI, see “Upcoming Events Saturday, April 8, 2023 etc.”)

    2) When you originally started your site, smart phones were not around, so desktop was all there was. Now most folk will use phones to view your site.

    I say this because at the moment, quite a few of your thumbnails are too large, so the space for text on the right of the image, is too narrow to work correctly on phones.  I think a little adjustment and a new size standardization is needed for images for phones.

    FYI, you can use the “F12” key to see how your site looks on various Tablets and Phones.  Your site server stats will tell you the portions of desktop-tablet-phone users — and I predict you’ll find phone users are an important large group now….

    3) When I updated to Xtreme, I worked hard to reinvent the old appearance…. Then I realized it was time to embrace some of the new opportunities Xtreme offers (such as White subthemes) …. rather than work hard to just reinvent the old…  🙂

    Hope this helps.  Look forward to seeing the final development!


    1. depending on the editor you use for your content, there may be a paste as text tool available allowing you to paste formatted text without the formatting. In the classic editor it is a box with a T
    Richard L

    Thanks so much to you both, user and scrambler! Your correct that I am still getting used to the upgraded and device agnostic options.

    , I’ll totally keep that in mind. I do use a lot of formatting to indicate book titles especially, and it can be easier to paste as is.

    , great suggestions especially about the thumbnail size, which I was just noticing. I’ve just finished rebuilding the basic structure of the site, and have been adding, changing, and reformatting the content (there’s a lot of it) to work best on everything. I knew this would be a challenge especially to make it look best on phones, and have made F12 my new best friend.

    Again, thank you both kindly. You have helped me get up and running. Next month (hopefully), I have a business site to convert, and a third site that I made in 2020 on a fairly awkward theme. I plan to use Weaver Extreme for all of them.

    Have a good one,

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