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    Yesterday, when I tried to work on Weaver Xtreme settings one one site, I got the message that my setting of a limit of 1000 PHP max_input_vars was too small. I needed to increase the limit to 2500 requests. So I did that.

    Today, Weaver Xtreme gave me the message that my limit of 2500 PHP requests was too small, and I should increase it to 3500 requests. The recommended limit on the server is *much* smaller than any of these limits, due to security issues. (None of the sites on which I’m currently running Weaver Xtreme Pro are very large at all, since I have not yet activated the theme on my main site.)

    So I’m wondering what’s going on …

    I also notice that an awful lot of fonts are loaded automatically right at the beginning of a post or page. Is it not possible to specify the loading of only the fonts that are actually used? It might take more time in the editing/updating process, but that is surely preferable to taking more time for every visitor, I would think.

    I’m guessing there are many other areas where the theme could be slimmed down by loading only the options that are actually used. (I’ve only looked at the beginning of the source code.)

    Is it not possible to design the theme so that only options that are actually used are loaded?


    1000 should work, 2500 would absolutely work. There is something else going on that is limiting the variables.

    If your host is recommending a smaller, it may actually be invisibly enforcing the lower limit, and ignoring whatever value you set vis cPanel or other means.

    While it might see that loading fewer fonts would save time, it is actually insignificant, and your probably could not even measure the difference. Really.

    Most of the implementation of options takes place in the backend when you set them, so really don’t affect the load time, either.

    But on the backend, all option must be able to be loaded by the options handler, and that is really about 800 or so options. So 1000 almost always works unless other plugins affects the mechanism.

    I would suggest contacting your host.


    Hi Bruce,

    I set the max_input_vars directly in the WHM panel, which is a version of CPanel for the server.

    I do pay for server management on demand. However, I don’t know what to ask for at this point. (I previously asked where to increase the limits because I couldn’t find the right place.) All I have to go in is the error message from Weaver Xtreme that tells me that a limit 2500 max_input_vars is not enough and that I should increase the limit to 3500, which seems rather high. (One of the technicians told me that lower limits are preferred due to security concerns.)

    So you feel that Weaver Xtreme doesn’t need to go on a weight-loss program? 😉

    A little background:

    I’m currently using a Litespeed plugin on the server instead of Apache, and it decreased server load exponentially. While CPU load was often high before, now the CPU’s look like they’re idling most of the time. That’s because of the way Litespeed handles PHP requests. But I’m still looking for making the site as efficient as possible for a good use experience.


    Perhaps the Litespeed is the problem. We really have not been getting reports with max_input_vars for a long time. I’m just not sure what to suggest at this time.

    Do you get the error message on both the legacy interface and from the Customizer interface?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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