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    Hi there,

    I created a slider post with a Media Library gallery, and I’m wondering if there’s a way to assign a link to each image in the slider (not just have each image link to the attachment)? I can’t find a setting for that, so I’m hoping I just overlooked it.




    This is not possible because that option is not supported by the standard [gallery] shortcode. Sorry.


    Worpdress does not support attaching a link to the image other than media file / attachment page, so not this way.

    To create a slider of images that link to custom URLS, you will need to make it with posts. I had a tutorial on how to do that on the old form but it is no longer accessible.

    I will try to dig up the tutorial and post it here



    here is the tutorial:

    Creating a slider of images that have links to pages other than the image file or attachment page.

    There is no way to define a link to custom URL as a setting for the image (if you go to the media library and click edit on an image, there is no such setting), therefore that setting cannot exist in a gallery (that I know of).

    And so to achieve what you want, the way to do it is either

    A) Use a series of regular posts in which you insert a single image with a link to a custom URL

    B) Use a series of slider posts in a specific group with each one also just containing a single image with a link to a custom URL.

    A) Basic outline principle using regular posts

    • Create a new category of posts called slider1.
    • Create posts in that category.
    • For each post, insert one image, as you insert the image, choose link to Custom URL and fill in the URL, or you can just insert the image, then switch the content editor to TEXT and change the link the code of the image tag.
    • Once you have created a number of posts all in the slider1 category, create a filter that selects all posts in that category.
    • Then create a slider that uses that filter.

    B) More detailed step by step using Slider Posts

    You will create your images as Slider posts (the new post type added by the plugin)

    First create a new Slider group (like links-group)

    In each post new posts created do the following.

    • Click Add media to add your image, select full size, center, custom URL, give the link
    • Select the slider group created above for that post.
    • Publish

    Once all the image post have been created all in the same slider group (ie links-group) go to ATW Post/Slider > Filter page

    Create a new filter Let us say links-filter and in that filter select the following options:

    • Hide post title / Hide Top & Bottom post meta info
    • In display Post as, select Full posts
    • In post types, select atw_slider_post and add it, This will show post_type=atw_slider_post in the box
    • In Slider Group, select your group (ie links-group) and add it. This will show atw_slider_group=links-group
    • Save the filter options make sure they all show up at the top.

    Then Create the slider (like links-slider)

    • In Slider Content select Show Slider as post
    • In Slider Filter select your filter name (ie links-filter)
    • Save the slider options.

    Then create a test page, and in the content area click Add Show Sliders and select your slider (is links-slider)

    Publish the page and check that your slider is working.

    If it does, it will probably have extra space you want to get rid of.

    If you have the pro version of the slider plugin, then towards the bottom of the Slider option page, you have a “Per Slider custom CSS” Box , and you can put any of the rules there to remove unneeded padding and margins

    .this-slider .slide-content .entry-content {padding-top:0px !important;}

    .this-slider .slide-content .atw_slider_post {padding-top:0px !important;margin-bottom:0px !important;}

    .this-slider .slide-post {margin-top:0px !important;margin-bottom:0px !important;}

    .this-slider .atw_slider_post img {margin-bottom:0px !important;}

    .this-slider .atw_slider_post p {margin-bottom:0px !important;}


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    That worked. Thanks so much!

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