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    The last site I still have on Weaver II Pro (I know, I know) has a slider menu with images that took me some work 10 years ago when I set it up. It only appears on desktop view, and it’s still super cute (to use specialized technical language). It operates via the shortcode [weaver_slider id=1]

    Weaver II Theme Extras is installed.

    Would I need Weaver Show Sliders? Would the shortcode still work?

    If I convert to Weaver X, will it come across, i.e. does Weaver X have that as part of the code?

    I’ve done the conversion before on a number of sites. I’ve put off this site because of the slider.

    Here’s a page with the slider menu on the left:

    Women’s Wool Coats


    @weaver would have to comment


    The “Menu Slider” shortcode is apparently unique to Weaver II Pro. That has been so long ago now that I totally forgot that it ever existed. For whatever reason, that type of slider based on menus as custom defined image URLs never was included in Weaver Xtreme Plus nor the Show Sliders plugin. And I admit, it does look pretty nice on your site.

    I looked through current slider plugins on the WP plugin repository, and really didn’t see anything similar. There are probably vertical slider shortcodes that might allow custom widths and custom labels over images, but I really couldn’t find any.

    But, Weaver II absolutely will not run on any PHP Version 8.x, as well as likely having other issues, so trying to keep it is not a good idea. I could test it because my WP development system allows me to use whatever PHP Version I want to test – in this case for compatibility checks. This is not a practical solution for real world sites.

    I don’t have a lot of suggestions. I can see you’ve kept your purchasing simple using direct email contact to create custom items.

    One possibility might be Woocommerce which has multiple ways to show and link to products, but that also is a fairly complicated site, and not overly directed at really custom items as found on your site. Another thought might be using Etsy as your products seem similar to customized products you can find on Etsy.

    Sorry I don’t have any other suggestions. You could also use a column of product images in a widget and not use the variable size of images if you want the least impact on your site design.



    I believe it should be fairly easy to add custom CSS to the existing vertical menu of the Xtreme Plus menu Widget to get the same effect.

    Here is just a quick validation of the animation with two rules

    Test Site – For testing purposes only ()

    I will refine with images and all and post back



    So here How I did for that first rough pass

    • Created a WordPress custom menu with the wanted pages
    • Used the Weaver X-Plus Menu widget that comes with the plus plugin to insert a Simple Vertical menu in the primary widget area of the Sidebar, styled with the primary menu style (you can choose primary secondary or extra).
    • Set the sidebar width to 17%
    • Use the browser developer tools to gather the ID of each menu Item, as well as the ID of the menu
    • You would need to cut the text off the images as it will be done by the actual menu (I just did an offset on my test site so I could just link to your actual images)

    Then I simply added the following custom CSS rules to:

    • Add the images as the background of each menu item
    • Set the default height of each item to 100px with a transition of 1 second
    • Set the height on hover to 300px.

    #menu-item-7147 {background:url(https://deweeverswovens.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Womens-wool-coats1.jpg) no-repeat center top;}
    #menu-item-7143 {background:url(https://deweeverswovens.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Womens-capes-wraps.jpg) no-repeat center top;}
    #menu-item-7126 {background:url(https://deweeverswovens.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Womens-wool-cardigans1.jpg) no-repeat center top;}
    #menu-item-7122 {background:url(https://deweeverswovens.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Cotton-chenille-cardigans2.jpg) no-repeat center top;}

    #menu-accordeon .menu-item {height:100px; transition:1s;}
    #menu-accordeon .menu-item:hover {height:300px;}

    It would probably need tweaking, but we could easily help you with that once in place.


    @weaver, while doing that I encountered what looks like two bugs.

    The vertical menu Item BG  color is using the Primary menu Bar BG color instead of the primary menu ITEM BG color

    Changing the sidebar Width in the page editing page  > Xtreme option for this page > Layout TAB was not working. Whatever value I put in, the Global setting in Main Option > Sidebar & layout was always used.

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