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    I have checked the box to hide the site title and tagline.  They were hidden but now the title won’t hide.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Site is Style2000salon.com

    I have been having issues for the last week with the entire header background behind the menu area going black whenever I change anything.  If I go back in and resave it goes back to white.   I am good right now, but I just thought I would mention it.  When I inspected it, it was a style sheet issue that was overriding my white background.



    Your title and tagline are hidden when I go to your site, so not sure what you are seeing. Make sur you clear all your caches

    I do see a piece of text at the top left

    Style 2000 – Ogden’s Favorite Salon

    That is in the HTML after the body tag, so I have no idea how it is being inserted


    Unrelated, but the browser console shows two errors

    (index):1 Invalid ‘X-Frame-Options’ header encountered when loading ‘https://www.mapquest.com/embed/us/ut/ogden/84401-0434/1900-washington-blvd-41.232888,-111.970190?center=41.23291276028355,-111.96999549865725&zoom=15&maptype=map’: ” is not a recognized directive. The header will be ignored.
    /favicon.ico:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()


    Thanks for taking a look.  The site title is Style 2000 and the tag line is Ogden’s Favorite Salon.  I just added test after the Salon and it showed, so it is definitely the site title and tag line that are showing.

    Upon further investigation when I am on a page different than the home page it shows that page name and the site title in that area.  The only thing I have done different is to add the following to the CSS

    #nav-primary ul.wvrx-menu {padding-top:2em;}

    I am perplexed.



    If we are speaking about the text at the top left of the page, as I said, it is not the Theme title and tagline, it is something else inserting that text after the body tag.

    I don’t know any function in the theme that can do that, may be @weaver knows different.

    If not the theme, may be a plugin is responsible, have you tried deactivating ALL non weaver plugins?

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    Have you added new Google Fonts via the Weaver Xtreme Plus add fonts settings? I would guess that those settings have been incorrectly copied – there is missing HTML to close the font <link> statement.


    Thank you both so much.  I deleted and readded the font and that took away the words on the top.


    Weird one 🙂

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