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    I followed the thread instructions on centering the site title and tagline (when moved over the header image), but the site title is not centering. The tagline seems to be fine. I also want to change the size of the fonts, especially the tagline. When I added the font css {text-align:center;width:100%; font-size: 1.6em;} to the tagline CSS+ box, it works okay in large screen view, but it seemed to put a blank white margin below the header image in the mobile view. Must be a proper way to do it.

    Thanks, Joe.

    I am not sure what tutorial you mean as I don’t recall making one for Xtreme.

    But on Xtreme, it is actually trivial.

    First put a zero in Main options > HEader > Site Title / Tagline > Title Position X box AND the Tagline position X box. 

    Then add the rule below in Main Options > Header > Site Title / Tagline > Title tagline Area BG CSS+ box


    Remove anything else you did, and post back as is if there is still an issue


    Here’s an example of part 5: 

    Weaver Xtreme Tips and Tutorial (part 5)

    And from this tutorial, it shows this, but now I can’t find the tutorial that said, “If you check the box that that moves the site title and tagline over the header image, then use these directions…”  It then said to use {text-align:center;width:100%;} for the tagline but not the Title (as I remember). I tried this and it didn’t work for me.  I removed any other css I tried in the Custom CSS box. The directions you gave above were for a title and tagline when NOT moved on top of the header image, right??
    Here’s what Tutorial Part 5 says to do (that doesn’t work for title over the header image):

    3-a- Centering Title and Tagline

    • To center them both, add the rule below in Main Options > Fonts & Custom > Custom CSS Rule box
      #title-tagline {text-align:center;}
    • To center them individually use either
      site-tagline  {text-align:center;}
      site-title  {text-align:center;}
    My site is listed in previous post.  Thanks, Joe.

    OK, The tutorial you refer to is for when you don’t move them over the image, and was done before the new Title tagline Area BG CSS+ box was recently added.

    The instruction I gave you in my Post above yours are good for when you move them over the header image. So implement them and post back if you still have an issue with them.


    Okay, it worked.

    Thanks for this new theme.  I’m just getting used to it.
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