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    It’s been a while and having trouble remembering how to set up the site logo on the menu bar (not the site icon) which I believe is set through Customizer > Site Identity.

    I uploaded an image (1200 by 300 pixels) and it is now taking up my entire home page, as well as the others. What should this image size be?

    I am looking at a test site done a while ago and that image is 1200 by 300 pixels and it is just fine in the primary menu bar.

    What am I doing wrong? What should the settings be at?

    And yes, I did review this page: https://guide.weavertheme.com/how-to-using-the-site-logo/

    Also,  how do I enable/disable Customizer Options?

    Thank you.



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    The site Logo is added to the menu bar using the menu bar option in

    Appearance > Customize in WHERE mode > Menus > Primary Menu bar > Primary Menu Layout > Add Site logo to the left.

    If it is only going to be in the menu bar, you also need to make sure it is hidden in the header area under

    Appearance > Customize in WHERE mode > HEader > Header Image layout > Site Logo > Hide Site Logo

    And the image only needs to be at least as high as the height of the menu bar. But regardless of its size, when placed in the menu bar, it will be scaled down to fit.


    Thank you @Scrambler.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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