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    I’ve set a site logo as below to the site http://wp.origami-artist.com but only a tiny part of the logo acts as a link – clues welcomed!

    <small>Add Site Logo to Left</small>: <input id=”m_primary_logo_left” checked=”checked” name=”weaverx_settings[m_primary_logo_left]” type=”checkbox” /> <small>Add the Site Logo to the primary menu. Add custom CSS for .custom-logo-on-menu to style. (Use Customize → General Options → Site Identity to set Site Logo.) Logo: </small>
    <small>Height of Logo on Menu</small>: <input id=”m_primary_logo_height_dec” class=”regular-text” name=”weaverx_settings[m_primary_logo_height_dec]” type=”text” value=”0″ /> em <small>Set height of Logo on Menu. Will interact with padding. (Default: 2.0em, the standard Menu Bar height.)</small>
    <small>Logo Links to Home</small>: <input id=”m_primary_logo_home_link” checked=”checked” name=”weaverx_settings[m_primary_logo_home_link]” type=”checkbox” />


    I believe you found a bug.

    For some reason, the logo is missing a z-index that allows it to be on top.

    For now, add the rule below to the theme global custom CSS rule box

    .custom-logo-on-menu {z-index:2000;}

    @weaver, there seem to be an overlay issue when the custom logo on the menu bar is set to link to the home page. In order for the link to work over the whole image, I need to add a z-index property to the logo container. Any positive value (like 1 ) seems to work. Not sure why it is needed as the menu container has the z-index, but apparently it does.



    I’ve added the code (under the fonts/custom menu), but it doesn’t seem to make a difference, I’ve tried adding important! to it. Curiously, I can’t see the Z index setting when I inspect that element.



    You forgot the dot in front of the selector 🙂



    I just spent a whole bunch of time figuring out there is a second issue with this!

    The z-index issue does fix it.

    BUT, the code for the left logo doesn’t work right at all when using default menus, only when the primary menu is defined by defining a menu from the menus interface. I think I might fix that simply through documentation, and not really fix is since no one seems to have noticed that.

    Also surprised that no one has noticed the failed link, too. But that option is really buried, and maybe no one has even tried it before.



    Thanks scrambler, that worked 😉

    And yes, Weaver, I’m using a custom menu. Thanks for your amazing theme….

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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