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    See muziekvereniging-ona.nl for illustration of the issue.

    WP 5.9.1 – Aspen theme

    I got a question related to the Site Logo feature that was/should be present in WP/Aspen theme. Right now the logo does not show and it gives an ‘error’ image on the site, ofcourse this is not preferred.

    Everywhere I try to search for how to adjust this I get pointed towards Customize – Site Identity – Site Logo. However at our Site Identity I can enter a title, slogan, and icon, but no logo. I tried to go through the widgets to see if it was something there, but they are not header related.

    Is there any other way to get to site-logo somehow, we don’t even have to have a site logo, we just do not want this ‘error/cannot be found’ icon at the top of our page. We are not very technical so perhaps this is an easy fix, we are just not able to find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



    It gives an error because the URL for the Logo image is Invalid


    if you do not want a site logo, don’t select one of hide the custom logo in the theme settings.

    Unfortunately you are using a completely obsolete theme that no one has to test anymore and is now unsafe and unsupported.

    You should seriously consider migrating the site to the latest Weaver Xtreme Theme.




    Thanks, I will let them know that for sure, but for now they just wanted this fixed.


    That the link was unvalid I found as well. Unfortunately the place where you can select or hide a logo is nowhere to be found. Based on info I think it should be at site identity, but it’s not, so there currently is no way to get rid off or hide the logo (that they or I can find). I figured if this was a known issue this was the place to ask, but if it’s not my apologies.


    I have no way to test Aspen so I can only assume based on how other weaver theme would work.

    In Appearance > Weaver Admin > Main options > Header > there would be a section Custom Logo with a Hide option.

    But normally in Customize > Admin Options > Site Identity, you should have the option to remove the site logo.

    As this is normally a WordPress setting, you may want to try and switch to another theme and see if you can remove it there,

    Worst comes the worst, we will be able to give you custom CSS to hide it manually

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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