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    is there a simple way to provide an existing site for people partially sighted?
    For example a site where everything is online black and white so they can see the page,
    but the existing design must remain for people with normal view, there should be a different site – with different CSS maybe ?


    Rather than having a site that works for all visitors, I think your idea of two sites is a better approach, and WordPress makes this easy.

    In order to keep it easy to manage content, I would recommend trying a theme switcher plugin – unlike Weaver II, Weaver Xtreme does not yet support switching designs.

    I think there are theme switcher plugins. There are also likely existing themes designed for visually impaired visitors, so you could use that, and then Weaver for your standard visitor.


    Thanks for your answer and what a pity that there is no easy way 🙂
    I tried theme-switcher-plugins on other project and they destroyed the design after switching,
    because not all settings were set again a 100% after re-switching.

    @weaver , she is still using weaver II pro.
    I recall there was a theme switcher plugin for weaver II that allowed to switch between two sub themes, but dont know where it is available.

    The theme switcher is here:


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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