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    With my website, http://www.MrFunkyTeacher.com, I am going
    to be switching from Weaver 2 Pro to Weaver Xtreme Pro..I have have purchased xtreme pro, but I have not added it to this website yet.  I have side-by-side widgets in the footer
    area.  It does not appear setting things
    up like this is an option in Xtreme Pro. 
    I like having the side-by-side widgets near the bottom.  What can I do to set this up so I have
    side-by-side widgets?  


    The footer widget area is handled differently in Xtreme.

    Weaver II was limited to 4 side by side widgets. Xtreme has no limit in number size or placement.

    The way you populate the footer widget area in Xtreme is put as many widgets in the footer widget area as you want, then decide on the layout in Main Options > Footer > Footer widget area.

    In Xtreme basic, you basicallt set a number of columns.

    In Xtreme with “Plus” you can define any layout you want and can can set a different layout for each device size as explained here:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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