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    A few posts are not showing up in a Show Slider of posts in the category, “alaska2023.”

    I checked the category designation in each new post. Other than that, I don’t know how to troubleshoot this problem.

    https://ezmototim.com/s23-06jul/  is the first post in the category.

    Posts after s23-22jul are not in the slider.

    These posts do not appear: s23-24jul, s23-25jul, s23-26jul



    You need to give us way more details on how the slider is created and a link to the page with the slider.

    1. Are the post regular posts or slider posts?
    2. If regular posts, have you created a filter to select the post, then selected that filter in the slider?
    3. If you created a filter there are several filter options that could limit the number of posts being displayed, so you may want to list all the options you have set in the filter page.
    4. Is the slider a post slider “show slider as posts” or image slider “show slider as images”?

    To test if your filter is properly created, create a test page and use “add a Show posts” in the page and select the filter in question. Publish the page and see if that page shows all the posts.

    • If the page shows all the posts, the filter is correct and the problem is elsewhere, likely in the slider options.
    • If the page only shows one post, The filter options are probably incorrect and will have to be reviewed.

    But if the slider is the small slider in the sidebar named posts in this series, it appears to work fine for me and shows all the posts.


    Thank you.



    Did you find the issue?


    Yes. Didn’t have -1 to include all posts.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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