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    I recently added Presto Player to my site here: http://www.ericrmusic.com. It’s working for individual posts, but when I try to display the same full posts using the Show Post shortcode, a different video player appears. Further, this player has download link showing which I do not want.

    I contacted the manufacturer and they sent me a code to ensure Presto Player appears. I added it using My Custom Functions and it worked.

    But the question still remains. Why does Show Posts not display the same video player that is being used on the post where it displays correctly?




    That is a question for the plugin developer


    Ok, thanks. I was able to resolve the issue with them by adding specific php code.

    However, the issue did not happen on a regular post, only when using the Show Posts filter. So there is something going on Show Posts that was preventing the return of the player. It was not the player plugin because it worked perfectly on a post.


    Show Posts add uses its own “loop” to build the post list, and it is possible that there could be conflict with the plugin. And since they were able to provide PHP code to fix the issue, they may know about possible post loop interactions.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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