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    I am using Weaver Xtreme Plus with the show-posts plugin.

    I have a bilingual hebrew – english site and use “show-posts” to create a grid of posts in 3 columns.

    The columns are populated with posts from left-to-right, regardless of the language / text direction.

    The expected behavior would be that in right-to-left language (like Hebrew), the columns would be populated with posts from right to left.

    Is there a way, maybe through CSS, to get “show-posts” to align right-to-left, please?


    The CSS rule below added to the theme Global Custom CSS rule box should do it

    .atw-content-3-col {float:right;}

    If not, post back with the rule in place and give us a link to the site.

    , should the Post order in columns be reversed when a site use RTL layout?


    Hi Scrambler: thanks – that does it. (Placed the rule in the custom CSS rule box of the plugin.)

    I was expecting that rule would float also the columns of the English pages to the right, but for some reason, it doesn’t (which is good).


    Sorry: it does float the columns of the English pages to the right, after all.  (I must have been looking at a cached version previously.)  Is it possible to write a rule that would hold good for RTL languages, but not for the LTR languages ?  I have tried .atw-content-3-col {float:inherit;} but that doesn’t do it (creates only one column).

    The Hebrew page is https://mindfulness-israel.org/about/

    The English page is https://mindfulness-israel.org/about-2/



    any other ideas on this please?


    If you want the rule to only apply to rtl pages, change the rule to

    .rtl .atw-content-3-col {float:right;}



    Thank you Scrambler (saw this only now).  That’s perfect.


    Coming back to this a couple of years later, I find that the rule is still not working consistently across all the RTL pages of the site.  It works fine on the home page, but not, for example, here:

    תרגולי מודעות


    שיחות דהרמה

    (on this page, it creates an additional problem, of leaving awkward white space between rows.)

    I have tried to add the rule in the custom css for the page, but wasn’t sure how to do this.

    Any ideas please?



    The extra white space issue seems to be only on the pages where the rtl title is above the image.

    Where the rtl title is below the image (majority) there are no extra spaces showing and all looks fine

    Can you confirm that is what you see too?





    The issue is because we missed one rule the other time. Not only do we need to change the float to right, but there is a clear that needs to be changed to

    Add the rule below next to the float one.

    .rtl .atw-content-2-col:nth-of-type(odd), .rtl .atw-content-3-col:nth-of-type(3n+1) {clear: right !important;}

    If after that you still have the extra white space, please elaborate as I am not sur what you mean.


    Hi – no, that’s not it.  We are speaking of the RTL titles of the posts included in the filter.  These are below the images.  The primary issue is not the white space, but the direction in which the posts are populated to the page.  In right-to-left languages, they should populate from right to left.   On the home page, this works fine.  On some of the subpages, no.  On one of these pages, the posts are presented from right to left in Vivaldi browser (Chrome derivative), but not so in Firefox.

    I have tried

    • to see if it might be differences in the Show Posts filter, but can’t find anything.
    • changing the show posts options from “filter name” to “using parameters”
    • changing between classic and block editors
    • enclosing the “show posts” filter within paragraph tags.

    It’s a very elusive problem.  I think that white space issue between groups of posts is just a symptom of the wrong directional presentation, because in Vivaldi browser, when the direction is correct, this does not occur.



    May we are speaking of different things, but there is a layout bug caused by the lack of the rule I mentioned.

    Can you add the rule and post back, then we can take it from there.


    @Scrambler:  sorry, I didn’t see your earlier post – after seeing the @user’s post I was too busy making various tests.

    Your CSS fix solves both problems mentioned: the presentation of the posts (in boxes) from right to left, and the white space that sometimes was appearing when there are multiple rows.

    I suspect that the break rule will also solve a third issue, that when there’s a show posts row, and then a heading announcing another show posts filter, there’s sometimes a problem that the heading gets mixed up with the following row.  (I usually have managed to fix the problem in the html with breaks or horizontal lines, but it’s always a pain.)

    I will put the fix also in the other 2 Hebrew – English sites that I manage, and @Weaver should maybe consider putting this rule in the theme or the plugin.

    Now there’s a similar problem of the right-to-left presentation of the posts in the Pages with Posts template.  Shall I open a separate ticket for that?


    Glad that did fix the problem.

    Please open a new ticket with all the details for the new issue


    thanks! will do.


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