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    It would be great if the weaver-show-posts plug-in supported an additional display option, that is to show posts grouped by category.  Filtered include/exclude categories and other options should be retained.

    I wan too keep my population of plug-ins to the minimum required.  Recently the Posts-Per-Category switched to unmaintained.  Now I am hoping to find a replacement.  Since I am already using weaver-show-posts it would be a natural to add grouping by category.
    A widget option would complete the package.

    That would be a nice add-on. I moved your post to the feature suggestion section so it wont go unremembered.

    Right now you can achieve that with a series of Shortcodes.

    Create one filter for each category, then just add all the shortcodes to a single page and you will have your result.

    Not fully automatic, so if you have a lot of category it will take some work, but will do the job

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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