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    Would love to see how folks are using the Weaver Posts & Sliders plugin as an image slider.

    I am wrestling with wanting to use it for an image slider versus a third party gallery/slider/lightbox plugin.  Seems a bit harder to style, but definitely has more possibilities.  Don’t need help with anything (yet), just looking for some ideas and examples.

    I am working on a look that would either have a thumbnail filmstrip bottom or a carousel look to provide a teaser for looking at the other images in the main slider, and a lightbox pop out to see the image in the slider in a high res mode.  I can do all that, but just having issues making it look pretty and would love to see what this group has accomplished styling-wise.


    The plugin website demo page

    Show Sliders Demo

    Example on the xtreme demo site home page


    On the site plugin page

    Show Slider

    If you have styling questions, post a link to your slider page and explain in details what you are trying to do.
    The slider has a Custom CSS box that can be used to changed pretty much anything you like



    Thanks. I don’t have a specific styling question yet – still playing with options.

    Is there a simple way to use the styling of one of these samples?

    I think a good starting spot for what I want is the Image Slide Show titled “Maroon Bells” on this page: https://weavertheme.com/plugins/plugin-demos/show-sliders-demo/

    If I want to copy this look, I think I need both the CSS AND the proper Slider configuration file or screenshot of the settings to replicate it properly.  I can scrape the CSS using firebug (but it appears to give me lots of erroneous elements to sort through), but how do I get my hands on the Slider Settings file to upload?  Is there a place where these are shared?

    If not, I will just keep playing til I have a specific styling problem….but thought since the slider configs are downloadable I thought maybe samples exist on this site somewhere that I cannot find.



    You should not touch setting files that would break things and be lost in an update.

    Custom CSS for any given slider is to be placed in the Slider Custom CSS Rule box, found at the bottom of the slider option page.

    The slideshow example you referred to does not use any custom CSS, it is basically using the existing options found in the slider option page.

    Start by creating a slider and then playing with the options. Do not mess / bother with CSS at that point. Once you have a working slider, we can answer any specific question.

    Custom CSS Will be the very last thing to consider, if the existing options cannot accommodate a specific need.



    I think the direction I need to go is with a third party slider.  The “look” I am hoping to achieve is something akin to this site,


    where I can see at least portions of the thumbnails behind the main image in the carousel, instead of a set of thumbnails below the main image.  Does not need to be so sexy, mostly I just want my thumbnails on the same plane as the main image, so there is a teaser for the user to see that there is a previous and next slide hiding behind the main image without having to show full thumbnails.  Is that beyond what I should attempt to style with the  Weaver Slider Plugin?





    Thought I updated this…guess I was up too late last night.  If you deleted because I included links to other commercial sites, my apologies, delete again and just give me an update.

    Quick question.  I want to achieve a carousel effect where the thumbnails are not below or above the main image, but alongside.  Something like the sliders pictured here: http://paio-co-kr.github.io/carousel-3d/ or the top right image here: https://web-dorado.com/products/wordpress-slider-plugin.html  (but they do not need any “sexy animation”)

    Should I just go ahead and use a third party slider, or is there a way to construct that type of look using the native Weaver+Weaver Slider Plugin capability?

    Your thoughts or opinion on this would be most welcome…thanks.


    If you want that kind of effect where the carousel is the actual slider with 3D effect of rotation or piling up, then you need to find a different plugin, or code one yourself.

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