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    It’s been a long while since I’ve had to set up a site. Is there a way to move the site title (and tagline if there is one) over the header image using the Customizer? I’ve looked and looked. OR do I need to use the legacy admin in weaver x.


    All legacy options are available in the customizer, sometimes you have to search a bit 🙂

    It is in

    Customizing ▸ Spacing, Widths, Alignment Header Area



    Wow. That’s not where I expected it to be. I did look there but was probably blurry eyed by then.

    Thank you.

    I have also finished the little site for our local ministers council. It was pretty easy and quick with the new customizer/weaver x…. well new to me. Still will take a while to get it down. little things bugging me. Like the boxes on the front page are off center when the sidebar is turned off ( with both pc or mobile view) – it is set to full width, although not exactly the sort of full width as I’d like it to be yet). Also, Home still shows up on the menu when on the home page even though I’ve check off the appropriate boxes.

    Still, not to bad for just slapping it together quickly and handing it off. Still have to get facebook integrated, but they will need to give me access to that for a while first to play with it. And have to search and remember what plugin i used to use for that. made it easy peasy.

    Anyway, thanks again for the help.

    You can see it here if you are interested.  http://www.nfministerialcouncil.org.




    For your boxes, if you are not too strong with HTML, you should use the block editor and use the column block. That will give you an option to center the block of three columns.

    With HTML, you would first need to insert your images using the no alignment option, right now you use aligned left which makes your images float left in the div.

    Then you would need to add padding to the images manually like adding a style attribute with the padding

    <img style="padding:0 20px;"......

    If what you want is the three boxes spread through the whole width of the browser, then the HTML will be a little more elaborate (I would first try the block editor).

    I do not follow what you mean by : “Also, Home still shows up on the menu when on the home page even though I’ve check off the appropriate boxes.

    The only place I see home is on the menu bar and that is on all pages.


    Hi. For the “Home” page, I have the page named “Home” set as home. In the customizer, under Visibility>Menus there is a check box that says:

    <label for=”_customize-input-weaverx_menu_nohome”>No Home Menu Item ↻</label>
    Don’t automatically add Home menu item for home page ( as defined in Settings->Reading)

    In the Reading Settings, I have the page “Home” set as the home page. My understanding is that when the “No Home Menu Item” is checked, when you are on the home page, the “Home” item is not shown on the menu. Not a big thing. Never worried about it before, but i though that was a nice feature.

    For the boxes(images), I’m only just ok with HTML and CSS.  I don’t do it every day so I have to go looking for what I am always forgetting. Thanks for the direction. I’ll give it a go.

    And the Block Editor, well, I know that is the way it is all going. And I am sure I can get used to the interface if I really try. But it is new to me and I needed this quickly. So installed the classic editor plugin. I also am thinking about the people who will be using the site. They will not be wanting to make blocks or layout pages in some special way. And the classic editor looks like a word processor. People understand word processors and you don’t have to teach them about them.

    In fact, I am probably going to figure out how to hide as many of the theme options as I can (seems there is some of that in the customization menu, and probably a plugin that will do the rest– open to suggestions here if you have any). At the end of the day it will serve it’s purpose if they can do News posts & Events posts (two Categories, that’s it for now), and make pages that will largely just be static pages that will be made once and updated occasionally. Beyond that I’m just going to make a facebook feed on the home page (with a plugin of some sort), and down the line they want to be able to sell tickets online to fundraising events for a scholarship they have. I’ll find a well worn and basic plugin for that as well.

    But in deference to your bolded text, I promise to try out the Gutenberg block editor thing.

    Thanks again. I so appreciate the Weaver Theme. It can do anything, is pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it, and makes nice stable sites. And the forum is just amazing!! 🙂



    I believe the no home option only applies to default WordPress menus, that create the home menu item.

    If you use Custom menus as you should, then this does not apply, you get what is defined in your menu.

    If you dont want to use the block editor, we can finalize the HTML &CSS, you will need to clarify if you just want the three boxes centered with a fixed space (I gave told you how to do that), or if you want boxes spread over the whole browser width.


    Ok about the Menusi

    And just centered with fixed spaces, and so it will stack when on the mobile view as it does now.

    and a question: If one does initial set up in the block editor with the block editor, and then changes to the classic editor plugin, does that mess up what you did with the block editor? Or the other way round for that matter (classic first, then to block)?


    You can set the classic editor plugin to allow you to use either classic or block on a page or post basis, as well as switch back and forth. Check the Classic editor settings.

    That allows you to edit all pages with classic by default, but to edit one specific page with the block editor.


    As for centering your images with HTML do the following

    Delete then reinsert your images using Alignment > none instead of left, so they do not have the class alignleft (you can also just remove the alignleft class in the HTML view)

    Once images are inserted, switch editor to HTML

    The three images are inside a div, edit the div opening tag of the container of the three images to look like

    <div style="text-align:center;">

    then on the image tags, add a style attribute with the padding you want

    <img style="padding:0 20px;" …...


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    thanks. all fixed up  now!

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