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    I’m a newbie with Weaver, having just taken over a website that runs several autoscrolling sliders. The WP site is current (5.2.2) and is running Weaver version Show Sliders Plugins (V 1.4.10). I can only find the usual thumbnail, small, medium etc.  …. settings In the Image Slider Layout settings menu. How can i set a custom size of the  image that auto-displays above the gallery of images?

    Also, on Chrome the gallery advances to the 2nd mage and stalls but auto-scrolls as it should  on  MS Edge and Firefox. Any reasons that should happen?


    Please provide a link to your site.

    The size of the slider depends on three things.

    • The size of the images you use. they should be at least a big or bigger than the largest size the slider will have
    • The size of the content area where the slider is. By default the slider will scale to 100% of the content area it is in.
    • The Size percentage setting. The slider options include a size option (percentage) that allows you to limit the size of the slider to a Percentage of the content area.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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