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    The secondary sidebar of my website (www.drachenwolke.com) is no longer displayd on the right side, but has moved to the bottom.

    Recently I have updated to wordpress 5.8 (sidebar blogs) and php 8.0. With this update the problem has emerged.
    I had already disabled all plugins, which did not bring any change. The settings of the website are unchanged. A check with the Health Check plugin shows no problems.

    How can get the right sidebar back to the intended place? Is there perhaps a compability problem with WP 5.8? Is this a known problem?

    Thanks for any help to solve this issue


    Your HTML is broken, so the sidebar container ends up outside of the container area.

    ThisĀ  usually happens when you add HTML content that has some syntax error such as Open but not closed div tags.

    Run any Custom HTML you added to any area of the site using an HTML validation service like below and locate the open/closed error tag (probably a div that is open but not closed, or vice versa).

    The W3C Markup Validation Service



    Thanks a lot!!! The problem is solved.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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