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    Some time ago we implemented the Secondary navigation menu option of the theme on several of our sites. We set it up to be fixed on scroll. Everything was fine until a plugin update – we are not sure which (at least we are guessing that is the issue) – some of the older (by plugin version) sites work fine – updated ones experience the problem.

    The problem is this. When you scroll the page and the SecNav becomes fixed it’s calculate top offset is out by 2px (or thereabouts) and as such it leaves a gap between the SecNav and the menu / header above it. When you scroll you can see the content of the underlying page in that gap.

    We have done an investigation to find out if we can “fix” the problem with styling – but the offset is being set by JavaScript on scroll – on the element – so we are guessing this is an issue in the theme itself.

    Here are examples of working and jumping sites. Note – all our sites are built by cloning. The two sites below were both cloned from the same source and then independently updated with content and Plugin / Theme updates

    Working https://www.masteringsapconference.com/4in1/sa/

    WP: 4.8

    WX Theme 3.1.8

    WX Plus 3.1.1

    WX Theme Support 3.1.8

    Jumping https://www.masteringsapconference.com/2in1/sa/

    WP 5.0.4

    WX Theme 4.2.2

    WX Plus 3.1.1

    WX Theme Support 4.0.3

    Any insight would be appreciated



    The problem is on the primary menu which for some odd reason is getting a top of -3px…
    A few things to do so we can get some insight.

    Can you deactivate ALL non weaver plugins and see if that solves the issue. If it does, reactivate one by one and test in between to find the culprit.

    If not a non weaver plugin and as an additional test and possible workaround for now, can you do the following.

    Given both your menus are always on top, there is no reason to use fixed on scroll.

    Just set both menus to Fixed Top. You can manage which one is at the top either in the menu allocation, or by using the primary Menu option called “Moved Primary menu to top” which will make it be above the secondary menu.

    And let us see if the issue is still there when using fixed top for both



    Another test would be to remove the siteorigin widget in the left HTML of the primary menu and see if that makes a difference.

    That widget generates a horrendously complicated HTML for a single image  link, and something in there could be tripping the calculation of the height and position by the fixing script.


    [email protected]


    Thank you for the reply.

    Deactivating plugins – we tried this – no effect. I am in the middle of a labourious process of taking a working site and slowly updating the plugins one at a time to see if progressively we can see where it breaks. So far nothing has come up but I will post back if I find anything.

    Regarding the fixed top – we tried that as well – various combinations of Fixed top with the checkbox underneath that says (in the case of primary) Move Primary Menu to Top and (in the case of secondary) Move Secondary Menu to Bottom – secondary menu always goes above the primary menu – it fixes the jumping but introduces the new problem of the menus being switched around.

    I also tried removing the header widget as per your second post – unfortunately I cannot remove it from the site as that is a live site but I did remove it using the Inspector – which should have the same result. Still jumps after being removed.

    The -3px on the primary is being set by code in the page. If you inspect that element and disable the style: top: -3px on the element and then scroll it just gets set back again – something is applying an inline style on that element to be -3px.




    I forgot the move menu does not work for the fixed on top,

    That said, if both menu using Fixed on top instead of fixed on scroll works, then do that, and just swap the menus in Appearance > Menu > Manage Locations, and be done with it 🙂

    If redoing the menu styling after the swap is too much, the rule below placed in the Theme Global Custom CSS Rule box should allow you to fix the bad top on primary
    #nav-primary .wvrx-menu-container {top:0px !important;}

    Regarding removing the widget, doing that in the browser developer tool would not work as the fixed on top script that calculate the top position is run at load time, so unless the page loads without the widget, you wont get the new calculation.

    Even if this is a live site, testing to remove the widget would take a whole 30 seconds, I think the site would survive loosing the top left logo for 30 seconds 🙂





    I just released Weaver Xtreme which fixes the issue with moving the primary/secondary menus when fixed to top.

    I had never realized those options didn’t work, and now they do for fix-to-top and moving either the primary or secondary menu.

    That really has been a very long existing bug. Now they work as expected.


    Just swapping the content of the primary/secondary in the Menu defintions option will mess with some of the extra options supported for the primary menu.


    [email protected]

    @weaver, thanks for the feedback.

    “I had never realized those options didn’t work,” – just discovered that – tried all combinations Secondary is ALWAYS at the top.

    Will upgrade and see if we can get that to work


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