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    I am switching from Weaver 2 Pro to Weaver Xtreme Pro.  On one of my websites, I am trying to get the
    code I used with Weaver 2 Pro to work With Weaver Xtreme to get the footers to
    show up correctly.  Here is the code I am
    putting into the post-footer in the Advanced settings:

    <!– first and second footer menu –>

    menu=’footer-menu1′ style=’menu-horizontal’ css=’font-
    100%; text-align: center;’]

    menu=’footer-menu2′ style=’menu-horizontal’ css=’font-size:125%;width:
    100%; text-align: center;’]

    I am including a screenshot of how it looked using Weaver 2
    Pro.  (Here is the link to the screenshot– https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4ZeAQ92C0ZqUzZpbXVMbHk1ME0/view?usp=sharing)

    Go to http://www.TotalInspirationMedia.com
    to see how it currently looks with xtreme.
    Can you help me figure out how to fix this issue? 

    I also want to make sure I can have those lines in between
    the links in the footer area, but not the header area.  (Currently, they are not in the header menu area, and that is the way I want it for the header menu area.  I just want the lines in between for the secondary and tertiary menus in the footer.)


    The link you gave us is to the weaver II site, so we cannot see what it looks like on the Xtreme site

    And to avoid confusion in the future, Xtreme advanced plugin is called “plus” 🙂


    Sorry, Scrambler.  I have Weaver xtreme plus activated now so it can be seen at http://www.TotalInspirationMedia.com


    You may not be following the syntax of the Xtreme extra menu 🙂

    The shortcode options are different and have different syntax, re read the Shortcode help page .

    You probably want

    [extra_menu menu_name='Menu Name' menu_style='mini' menu_type='horizontal']

    So it uses the mini menu style in Main options > Menus

    To style it follow the item #5 on that page



    Ok….So I was able to get the menus into the footer inserting the coding into the footer HTML.  I added some CSS styling in the box, but it will not style it for me.  Each footer menu is different, and I want them styled differently.  What am I doing wrong?  I included what I am putting for code into the footer menu html box.  

    menu_name=’footer-menu1′ menu_style=’mini’ menu_type=’horizontal’
    css=’font-size:200%;width: 100%; text-align: center;’]

    menu_name=’footer-menu2′ menu_style=’mini’ menu_type=’horizontal’ css=’font-size:125%;width:
    100%; text-align: center;’]

    See how it looks at the bottom of http://www.TotalInspirationMedia.com


    OK You must have found most of the answer, because you site right now only has the two menus as you wanted them (except centering) and no junk.

    I thought you problem was just how to figure out what Extra menu short code would give you the kind of menu you wanted. Hopefully that part is now answered with what I mentioned above and the tutorial.

    Now as far as putting these in the footer area, you have a lot of options, from the footer HTML which seems to be what you are using now, to footer widget area, to HTML Insertion areas.

    The footer HTML you are using now seems to do the job, all you need is center these.

    The rules I gave in the tutorial should do it, what rules are you using and where right now to create the vertical separator

    You  have answered how to place menus in specific places.  Thank you.  
    Some of the styling carried over when I used the conversion plug-in.  
    I am looking at the tutorial link you shared, After looking at it, I am still trying to figure out something that will work to help me style the two menus in the footer more.  Let me explain….
    I do want to center the two footer menus now; you are correct.  I also want to have different font sizes for each of the menus.  With Weaver 2 Pro, I was able to make the css change on the menus by including that in the footer html box, as seen in the coding above, which the differences in font size percents.  I did not have to go into the special area for custom CSS rules.  Am I able to add some css stuff in the footer html box with Xtreme Plus?

    If you say the styling carried over from the conversion, I am unclear where the styling may be.

    If There is nothing in Main options > Menus > Header Mini menu > Mini Menu BG CSS+ box, then just put the rule below in it


    If there is already something in there, let me now what it is so I can tell you how to modify it.

    Regarding the font size, the new extra menu does not have a style option, but it has a class option that can be used to do a similar thing

    Unfortunately there seem to be a bug with it that I need to investigate with weaver.

    In the mean time, you can add the rules below in Main Options > Fonts & Custom > Custom CSS Rule box to change the font size on each of the first 2 shortcode, using their ID

    #mini-x1 {font-size:150%;}

    #mini-x2 {font-size:110%;}

    @weaver, I just tested using the add_class=’myclass’   option on the extra menu, and it does not seem to be working


    I was able to add the code into the CSS and change the size
    of the font.  Let me know if that glitch
    gets fixed.

    About the centering of the footer menus….I cannot get them
    to center.  I took a screenshot of where
    I added in the code to the header mini-menu. 
    It did not work, so then I added the code into the extra menu spot.  It did not work as well.  (See the links to the images below.)  Let me know if you know of what I might be
    doing wrong. 

    Header Mini Menu  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4ZeAQ92C0ZqZF8zQzJyMm83eVE/view?usp=sharing

    Extra Menu  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4ZeAQ92C0ZqemNXR1o3UUs5Y1U/view?usp=sharing &nbsp;


    Well it looks like something else is broken…

    For now add it with the font rule

    #mini-x1 {font-size:150%;text-align:center;}

    #mini-x2 {font-size:110%;text-align:center;}

    @weaver, I don’t know if this is by design, but the CSS we put in Header Mini menu > Mini Menu BG CSS+ box does not get applied to extra menus using the mini style, only to the mini menu in the header (#nav-header-mini)


    That would be by design – the settings for the mini menu were originally designed for header use only, and it was sort of crammed into the [extra_menu] and an option.


    @weaver, This is strange, because a while back I did a tutorial for someone to create a simple centered menu using and extra menu shortcode and the menu menu style and as far as I remember it worked just fine.

    (item 5 in the thread http://forum.weavertheme.com/discussion/11685/weaver-xtreme-tips-and-tutorial-part-6 )

    I need to get back to that person if that is now broken.

    What about the fact that the add_class option for extra menus appears to be broken?

    EDIT: Apparently the problem lies in the wrong help information. the syntax is class=”myclass”  and not add_class=”myclass”

    So the text in the shortcode page needs to be corrected.


    I retested my test cases, and the Mini-Menu BG CSS+ works as expected.

    There was indeed ONE place that add_class was used, and the full description of that option did say class. But the wording is fixed for the next release of X-Plus.


    I hope this doesn’t break what I have been using for my menu placed in the post footer. Below is what I have on two sites:

    HTML Post Footer: [extra_menu menu_name='bottom' menu_style='header_mini' menu_type='horizontal']

    CSS for Mini Menu: {text-align:center;} %selector% li {padding-left:1%;padding-right:1%;  border-right:1px dashed #EDEDED;} %selector% li:last-child {border:none;}%selector% .current_page_item > a,.current-menu-item > a {text-decoration: none; color:#FFF68F;font-weight:bold;} %selector% a:hover, a:focus {text-decoration: underline; color:#0370FF;}


    @weaver, I found the issue, I had both a bad menu type name (mini  instead of header_mini…. and my test site had some kind of corruption where I had two different versions of the Custom css file loaded at the same time..

    All fixed, and so I confirm that CSS placed in the Mini menu BG CSS+ BOX Does apply to extra menus.

    @Nicholas, note I had a syntax error in my Extra menu shortcode. the proper one was

    [extra_menu menu_name='Menu Name' menu_style='header_mini' menu_type='horizontal']

    and when using header_mini as the menu_style, you can put the rule {text-align:center;}  in the header mini menu BG CSS + box to center them 🙂

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