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    Our site uses the wp-easycart shop system. The weaver search widget does not find products in the shop.

    So I have stopped the weaver search by hiding it (cannot remember where I did that as well but that’s not a problem at this time)

    wp-easycart has its own search widget that works well,

    Firstly it is a 2 or 3 line search widget search title (left blank in our case) an input box with the search button underneath that.  But,

    When I put that widget on the right side of the header it moves the site image/title & tagline down a number of lines thus creating a much taller/deeper header than required.

    How do I put that search widget on the header at the same level as the site title info? Hope that makes sense to you people.


    There is no such thing as a weaver search widget. that widget is the default WordPress search.

    Please explain where you inserted your other widget, and provide a link to the page showing it


    It is Weaver displaying it and Weaver Xtreme Admin where it has been hidden from view so sorry to believe it is a Weaver function!

    (I think I hide it in Xtreme Admin)

    The Easycart search widget is inserted into the ‘Appearance’ , ‘Widgets’ . ‘Header Widget Area’

    would like to put it on the left of the Login link on the Menu bar but that is not a Widget area.

    page link here

    Note the header has a temp background colour of light green just to highlight the area while in development


    You could insert that widget in the menu bar left HTML area by using a plugin called “Widget Shortcode”.

    It allows you to use a shortcode to insert any widget anywhere.

    That would be the best for what you are describing


    That plugin is not easy to use, but looking in the Menu HTML area where I already have a Login link on the right side of the menu bar. I cannot use the left side as it’s a weaver plus extra.

    So have not used that plugin and deleted it. Now waiting for WP-Easycart support to respond to my questions I asked them about differing size of input box and submit button and whether it’s possible to have both those boxes on one line side by side.

    Thanks for your replies though.


    p.s. I don’t know the WP-Easycart widget name to add it via that plugin.

    When in the Widget block editor it shows it as “WP Easycart Product Search Filter”


    The widget shortcode is very easy to use.

    When you go to appearance > Widgets, you will see a widget area called Widget shortcode at the bottom.

    When you open it, you can add your WPeasycart product search filter widget into it (click + then Browse all, then drop and drop the search widget.

    Once you added the widget to that area, at the bottom of the widget you will see something like

    [widget id=”widgetname“]

    This is the shortcode you can use to insert the widget in the Menu HTML area.

    If you do not have Plus, add that widget shortcode to the one you have, and we can see if we can alter the layout with CSS


    Done that and get [widget id=”ec_searchwidget-2″]

    I have in “Customising ▸ Added Content (HTML Areas…) Menus” this extra shortcode for Login as follows;

    So I added the widget id above into that code before the close font tag.

    Result is that full string of shortcode text is displayed and doesn’t do anything else.

    If I add it into the Menu HTML area in Weaver Xtreme Admin the result is there is nothing displayed after Login/Signup.

    In both case the Login/Signup link still works OK

    So it doesn’t work for me


    I need a link to the page with the shortcode added ion the menu HTML area so I can check it out

    Make sure that when you pasted the shortcode it did not mess up the double quotes as they are on the forum.

    Retype the double quotes to be clean and not asymetrical ones


    Managed to get the Easycart widget doing what we want it to do,

    It is added to the ‘Sitewide Top Widget Area’ where it sits at the top of all pages,

    Then I have put some Custom CSS – Global Custom CSS code in to;

    fix it’s width rather than full screen width, and give the CSS class a fixed position on screen righthand side just above the menu bar which makes it appear to be on the Header. The Menu is set to Fix to Top on Scrolling in Xtreme Admin resulting in the Search widget to be just underneath the menu bar when its at the top of the screen.

    So the plugin is not going to be used and has been deleted.

    Many thanks for your replies.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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