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    <h2>PRIMARY PROBLEM:</h2>
    Upgraded both the theme and theme support.

    Long-standing use of search shortcode on the right of the secondary menu now no longer works.

    http://www.gunfacts.info. Note that secondary menu is on top.

    I put the same shortcode on a test page (see https://www.gunfacts.info/pme2/) and it works there.

    The shortcode being used is:

    [search class=gfsearchcss max_width=80 size=10]

    <h2>SECONDAY PROBLEM:</h2>
    There are extended pauses seemingly induced by the Xtreme admin interface. Before going into any Weaver page therein, all browser tabs and WordPress pages work fine. One having been in Weaver, I encounter context switching delays (even just a [ctlr][page down] to another unrelated tab) will take up to 30 seconds to switch.



    FYI, I cannot access your site to check.

    For http://www.gunfacts.info/ I get the following Error Message:  www.gunfacts.info’s DNS address could not be found.

    That aside, can you please list what software (WP, Theme, Plugins) versions you have installed?




    The search is a Z-index problem, for some reason the right HTML has a z-index of 1 when the menu has 2000.

    May be @weaver can check if that is a bug that creeped in.

    For now add the rule below to the theme Global Custom CSS rule box to change it

    .wvrx-menu-html,.wvrx-menu-login {z-index: 2020;}

    would have to comment about delays opening weaver pages.


    Thanks, Scrambler. The CSS worked.


    Let me know how I can help ID the bug.


    I think the z-index for left and right text areas is correct at 1. I don’t know exactly why or when the fix was made, but the rule in the theme css file is (including bug fix note):

    .wvrx-menu-html, .wvrx-menu-login {
    z-index: 1; /* fix for hover failure on right html box */

    When I use the Weaver Xtreme Plus [search] shortcode in the right secondary menu box and have menu locations matched to how your site works, everything works fine for me. I haven’t uses any value options in the short code in my test.

    And there is nothing inherent with Weaver Xtreme V 6 that should have any effect at all on browser tab switching. The only thing I can think of that could even possibly do something like that would be some malicious or broken JavaScript in a plugin or something. I could not see any delays from the visitor view of your site, but I think you said the issue seemed to be from the admin side.

    Note: I think the site has somewhat controversial content, and might be more subject to malicious hacking than most sites. Be sure you are using good anti-hacking tools like Wordfence.



    As an FYI:

    When we first added that search field, you folks graciously helped us to get it looking right with the following CSS. I don’t see how that might have compounded the situation, but worth documenting.

    .wvrx-menu-right {margin-right:0px;}
    .wvrx-menu-html {margin-top:0px;}
    .search-field, #header-search .search-field:focus, .menu-search .search-field:focus {background-color:white;}

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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