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    I have a client that wants the for taken out of the search for placeholder in the search bar.  It would just say Search.

    I know I am close but I just can’t seem to get the css to work in the custom area.

    Would you mind giving me a little help?  The site is 2sticky.com

    Here is the code that I can make work when I use inspect:

    <label for=”search-form-2″>
    <input type=”search” id=”search-form-2″ class=”search-field” placeholder=”Search:” value=”” name=”s”>

    Thank you for any help you can provide


    You can style the placeholder text with CSS but not change it.

    Changing it would require javascript of PHP template editing.

    I found an article below that suggested it could be done with PHP filter so I tried adding them to the “Plus” Action and filter box, but without sucess.

    May be @weaver could tell us if these filters should work win the Xtreme Action and filter box and if they need modification

    Customize Your Search Placeholder Text – Total WordPress Theme (wpexplorer-themes.com)

    Other article with different suggestions, using a plugin or a child theme:

    [SOLVED] – WordPress Search Form Change Placeholder – 2022 Expertrec

    The code given on the page above placed in the Action and filter box, does successfully changes the whole search box


    Oh my Gosh! That worked like a charm.  I have been searching for days.

    You are the best!  Thank you so very much.


    I spoke too soon.  It gave a critical error.  I will keep looking.



    FYI, I used the second option: “[SOLVED] – WordPress Search Form Change Placeholder – 2022 Expertrec” and pasted the “Modify Placeholder attribute CODE” into my Child Theme functions.php and it worked 100%.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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