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    I want the same header image on all posts in a given category. How is this done, assuming it can be done? Yes, I realize I can go to each individual post and set the header. But I may want to change the header at some point in the future and do not want to go to 15, 20 or … to change it on each post. Using latest WX version and WP 4.2.2.

    Thanks – Ken

    If you have “plus” ,you should be able to do that using Advanced options > Head Section > Action & Filter box, following the guidelines of this tutorial


    Without “Plus” you could probably implement that using a Child theme


    A solution to the original question (Change Header Image on all posts in a given category) is as follows.

    Install the plugin Category Featured Images – this gives one ONE Featured Image for each post in a given category. Then go into Weaver Xtreme and look for the section at the bottom of your post entitled Single Page View: Featured Image and select from the drop down Header Image Replacement. You will have to do this for each post in the category – there is not a Bulk Edit option to do this. But it is not a major issue if you plan on this from the beginning of the “post thread”.  You can now using the Category Featured Images change all Header Images for a  given category.

    If you want a given post to have a Featured Image and add that image to the post it will display BUT the Category Featured Image will no longer be your Header Image – it will return to the default Header Image. You could always use a media insert to put in a “featured image” as a substitute in your post.

    BTW do not use the plugin Featured Images for Categories quite different plugin!

    Hope this may help someone – Ken
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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