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    Hi can you please help me to stop tearing out further precious hair…

    I am just starting to redevelop my Lavenham Literary Festival site, beginning with an entry level home page which will be used for a while until we have more to say:

    A New HP Test – Lavenham Literary Festival

    I am making increased use of SiteOrigin for content building.

    The issue is that I cannot get rid of the white space between header and content. it appears to be connected to the header area because if I add an SO row above the current page content, the white band remains above the content, and if I add a row of content below the current header, the white band moves below that.

    As this is a change of design from the previous site I have had to go through and reset a number of padding values to zero. Maybe I have missed one. It may be relevant to say that the white band originally included the search magnifier on the far right. I didn’t want this anywhere, but I couldn’t find the global setting to remove it. So for now I have used the per page setting ‘hide header search’ to remove it, but it didn’t remove the white space.

    Thanks for you help, hope you are all staying safe & well.


    This is the space between title and content

    Xtreme Admin > Main Options > Content area > Space between title and content


    Customizing ▸ Spacing, Widths, Alignment > Content > Other Spacing > Space between title an content

    Put a zero in there


    Wonderful, thank you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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