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    HELLO! Only been here a few times, though a LONG time user of Aspen, then Weaver Extreme.

    I’ve been using WordPress from around 2006 or 07, then Aspen Theme around 2000 or so (I think), then Weaver Xtreme. I’m a paid user. Yet, I still consider myself an Advanced Newbie, in that I’ve been VERY lucky  to not have many issues I could not figure out on my own, and nothing too complex.

    I’m managing a Friend / Client’s site at https://kylecwright.com

    Here’s what it looked like early yesterday, and a year or so ago, with addition of a narrow horizontal contact menu (Speed Contact Bar) at very top:


    It was a more traditional layout, not the Wide or Full thing people are using now-a-days. I had a Top and Bottom and Mini-menu (3 menus) installed. (Site now seems to be in a WIDE mode, and Bottom Menu is now missing on front end. But all three menus are still available on the WP Menu Management  page.)

    I rarely had any issues I could not handle. Yet I was working last few days on building up SEO for kylecwright.com. Went from higher than page 35 in Google to page 10 almost overnight with a little work. (I have his other two sites on Page 1.)

    BUT, I never liked the look of the word “MENU” in the horizontal header menu bars on Mobile, and a lot of people I know do NOT know what the 3 horizontal lines (the “hamburger”) is. So I was experimenting in Weaver Extreme Menu Options, and I tried putting a down arrow character in the “<small>Mobile Menu “Hamburger” Label</small>:” in “Options All Menus” under “Main Options > Menus” as in “MENU⬇︎”.


    Completely messed up front end. It appears that little tweak completely change the theme and eliminated the bottom header area menu. Problem is I do NOT even remember what Weaver sub-theme I had originally selected (it was years ago), and I don’t want to make a further mess of things until I know what I’m doing (if possible).

    NOW, I have a database back up from TWO DAYS AGO that SHOULD (I hope) have the proper Theme settings still in it. (But maybe not?) BUT, during the last two days, I did a LOT of modification of the on-page text files, as in modifying text, images, keywords, etc to be more in line with the SEO as per Rank Math (an SEO tool), which I am experimenting with.

    It DOES appear the site HAS retained the page text modifications from the last two days. And I DO have a database backup of the changes I made previous to two or so days ago, as well as the database backup for the last two days of work.

    SO, is there a way I can restore the Theme and overall site structure from PHPmySQL Admin from the two day old database backup, and then restore or preserve the page level changes from the more recent Last night’s) backup? Or some other comparable strategy?

    I’m not a skilled phpmyadmin user, only used it a few times though (thankfully) successfully. So I’d be somewhat over my head just trying to “figure it out” on my own.

    SO … Does anyone know of a tutorial, or have a quick description, or whatever, of how to accomplish restoring the Theme settings from the two day old database, and preserving the On-Page Modifications from the last two days in the database I backed up last night?

    It seems like it might have to be two different operations, unless I can use phpmyadmin to JUST import theme setting and not disturb the current page data. OR, do I restore in total from the 2-day old database, then try to find the pages data and restore them then?

    OR WHAT???

    Any suggestions or advice would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Thank You Very Much & Take Care, Many Thanks in Advance …

    David Scott Lynn


    Trying to mix entries from different databases seems like a recipe for disaster for non PHP expert, but that is just my feeling as a non PHP expert.

    Before going there, we should first investigate what exactly happened. I have a hard time believing that a character in the mobile menu label would cause havoc, but even if it did, removing it should fix it.

    Have you tried removing everything in the menu label box and see what happen?

    Also can you explain in more details what the problem was/is.

    Is the site as you linked to it (https://kylecwright.com/), the site with the problem?

    If you are under the impression a different subtheme was activated by mistake (which would erase all your settings), the questions are:

    • Had you saved your settings in the save restore page? If so you could try restoring them, this will not affect content modifications.
    • Had you downloaded a copy of your settings, if so you can reload them, this will also not affect content modifications.

    Before you do anything, I would download a copy of all your current settings, and I would also create / Download a complete backup of the site as it is now from the Cpanel. Like that no matter what you do, you will have a copy of everything before and after the issue


    DON’T try to merge/hack database backups. OK if you can restore to right before things went wrong. But I agree with scrambler – not likely that changing a string would break things unless you somehow introduced unbalanced HTML tags – that could break a lot.


    Thank You Very Much, Guys!

    Yes, the troubled site is kylecwright.com

    The other, longer link above in my OP is from Wayback Machine so you can see how it looked before the Disaster. I can’t guarantee it was the cause, but the breakdown occurred immediately after I saved the changes in Menu panel after adding the special character to the Mobil Menu Hamburger” text box. I had for a LONG time had “MENU” in the field. Then I added that downward pointing text arrow after MENU from my MacBook Pro Keyboard Character menu, then, Saved changes, and immediately went to front end to see the results.

    That’s when I saw the dismemberment of the page theme, which I’ve been running without too much trouble for my friend for YEARS. Same thing in Mobil on an iPhone.

    I went back to Menu panel in Weaver Extreme, and that text box was empty (still is). Not even the original “MENU” text was there. So now, on Mobil, the hamburger character is there on what WAS the bottom menu. The top menu is gone, replaced by the bottom menu. The Mini-Menu is still there, though, below the Tagline.

    The biggest mod to the theme seems as if it has gone “Wide,” eliminating the more traditional boxed look with margins on sides, and different fonts.

    I have a database backup from two days BEFORE the disaster, and immediately AFTER the disaster, both downloaded to my Dropbox and to my Mac. I have periodic full backups (database, files, theme, etc), one from August 26th. I had not taken a Backup from Weavers Backup / Restore Page for I’m not sure how long. BUT IMMEDIATELY AFTER DISASTER, I downloaded both settings from Weaver Backup Restore Page. Meaning the ALL settings download AND the THEME ONLY download.

    SO, My Theory Is: since I have the database from two days before, and the site has, it appears, retained my latest page level changes, I could restore from there and get theme settings back. THEN, it would SEEM I could go into the database that still has the most recent page level changes, and find the individual Page files and selectively restore them — somehow?

    OR, can I restore Theme Settings ONLY without changing the new page modifications?

    (Those page mods in last few days were individually relatively minor, SEO related changes. But Collectively, they DID get me from being NOT EVEN in first 35 pages on Google SERPs all the way down to page 10 with only a few days work, 3 to 5 hours per day. So I do want those changes retained or restored if possible. Doing it all over again would probably take at least a full, long day, now that I know what I’m doing, so not a huge disaster.)

    I find it hard to believe that my Restore Strategy via PHP can’t be done, although not being even a Newbie at PHP, there MUST be some tutorial out there explaining how to selectively access individual page files and Restore them — somehow! Or if I just upload the backup Theme file (I’m using UpdraftPlus)???


    Okay, I hope that clarified my situation.

    Thank You Again and Take Care,




    I think you had all your settings replaced, which could have been the result of a subtheme being loaded.

    Given you have backups of everything before and after, the easiest thing to try first, is restore the theme settings as that will not affect the new content, and if indeed it is the settings you lost, that will fix it all.

    Two ways you can restore settings.

    1- If you had used the save settings in the Save/restore page, go there and click restore.

    2- If you had downloaded your settings recently, you can restore them using your downloaded copy.

    Whichever of the two above has the most recent settings, will first ensure that if your issue is loosing settings, then that will fix it without loosing any of the new content.



    Thank You Scrambler!

    Where would I find a list of what settings are in what folders?

    Meaning, what elements that control what shows up on the front end of the theme are in the Theme Files, versus what elements are controlled in the Database?

    For Example, I’m assuming Widget settings are actually in the Database — even though they “show up” to the casual visitor on the front end as appearing integral to the page theme.

    My four Updraft Backup downloaded elements are: Database, Plugins, Themes, Uploads, and Others. The Widgets would be in the Database, right?

    BTW, I’ve found a few Tutorials on PHP that are any where from one to four hours long. There are some shorter ones appearing to be only about restoring database files. Given that I should probably know this stuff anyway, do you think it is likely I could get some insight into finding individual files in a PHP database backup file that’s on my Mac and selectively upload them to a WordPress site?

    Thank Again!


    We are not understanding each other here.

    The theme settings are all the various selected options and Custom CSS. They drive the layout and look of the site which is what seems to be what you lost.

    To restore this, you do not mess with the database, you go to Appearance > Weaver Xtreme Admin > Save and Restore page, and then click on “restore settings”. This will restore all the settings stored in the database. If these are not the latest, and you had downloaded a setting file more recently, while in the same page, go down to “Upload settings from file saved on your computer” select the file on your computer, and use the Upload theme Backup button.

    This is the first thing to try as it will only restore the look and structure of the site, keeping whatever content is there intact

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