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    I would like to see an option where the pancake/hamburger menu icon for phone/tablet could be replaced with a less ambiguous choice.

    Perhaps a checkbox in Appearance > Menus > “Responsive Menu icon” [_]Boxed-Text, [_]Pancakes

    I addressed this in the “Mobile View” forum with the subject “Replace pancake menu icon/symbol” (My query was answered!)

    Here is an article that explains my feelings: https://www.nngroup.com/articles/hamburger-menus/  I was unable to explain that I consider the pancake/hamburger menu is a “hidden navigation” device.

    The default WordPress theme TwentySixteen compresses nicely to phone/tablet size, and the drop-down menu is readily visible. (Open the link, then resize your browser and watch the navigation change.)  If you’re already using Weaver Xtreme, then resize it to see how your navigation changes. Compare the two, then consider which is the better option for YOUR viewers.

    This is a little thing, but HUGE for the success my visitors to the sites I design.

    — Rick


    This issue has already been handled and is a feature of Weaver Xtreme Plus.

    We have no plans to add the alternative to Weaver Xtreme free version.

    You can specify any thing you want for the Hamburger / Menu label if you use Smart Menus with the Weaver Xtreme Plus plugin.

    There is an option on the Appearance : Xtreme Plus option menu. Under the “Smart Menus” tab, there is box to provide HTML for any label you want for the mobile device menu button. Default is the hamburger, but if you want the word “MENU”, then just fill in the option with MENU.


    I can see that options in +Xtreme Plus > Smart menu page, under Option for Extra Menu,

    But this only appears to work with the Extra menu style, and therefore cannot change the primary or secondary menu bars.

    Am I missing something ?

    If I am  not, may be you could generalize the option (in Plus) by adding that option in Main options > Menus, In the Smart menu box below the threshold box, so it would apply to ALL menus.


    Works when I use it – the first option for each of Primary, Secondary, and Extra on the Xtreme Plus Smart Menus tab. As I recall, this was in response to an earlier request, and that included a desire to have different labels on each menu (usually just the primary and secondary.)

    Note – I did discover a fairly major bug in that quotation marks ended up escaped, and so you couldn’t add in classes or inline styling. That is fixed in the just released Weaver Xtreme Plus pluign.


    Sorry, It is indeed all there for each menu.

    I must have suffered a Heat stroke 🙂


    Half your luck, I’m shivering down under 🙂 


    Yeah we know what shivering means in your latitude 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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