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    @Weaver @Scrambler

    Gentlemen, I understand that Xtreme is responsive and changes size and shape depending on the screen size and orientation.

    On my site https://www.hiskingdomprophecy.com/ I am finding inconsistencies in the quantity of generated responsive images, as shown on the page source data.

    As part of my education on this as I seek to find the cause, I would like to know whether the inclusion of different sized image URLs is generated by WP-core, or by the Xtreme Theme?

    For example, my header image srcset has 1x full-size and 2x smaller image URLs.

    However, of my front-page, of 14x featured image thumbnails, 12 of the 14 have only 1x image size given. The other 2 have 3x, as per the header image.

    I was wondering if
    A) WP-core or Xtreme Theme was controlling the production of the smaller images, and
    B) what quantity of these image URLs I should normally expect for the front-page post featured image thumbnails, 1 or 3?

    Regards and thanks,


    I believe the srcset are generated by WordPress, but @weaver can confirm.

    I am not following your remark on the featured images. On the page you have us, these are thumbnail, and therefore have no srcset, as they are two small too ever need smaller resolution.

    The srcset is meant to provide alternate resolution for very large image, so that on smaller browser size, a lower more appropriate resolution can be used. If an image is already as small (or smaller) as the smallest expected browser size, no srcset would be generated.

    So the number of srcset depends on the resolution of the image. Depending on how small or large you may have zero or one or two or more srcset



    It’s been a while since I’ve had to work with the srcset stuff, but if my memory servers me, WP generates the srcset, and it is also related to the image sizes in the media libary. If you’ve changed your image sizes for thumb, medium, etc, then you can have mixed results with what shows.

    There are plugins that can regenerate your media images to the current sizes, and that should optimize srcset generation.


    @Weaver @Scrambler

    Thank you Gentlemen for the confirmations, information and comments.

    I now know who to contact to sort this out, as it is surely plugin related and not Theme or WP-core related.

    Yes, you are right, a 100×100 featured thumbnail image ought not to have smaller requirements…. But 2 of my 14 have links to 250×250 and 300×300 images which do not exist and whose URLs return a 404.

    A little coding issue there I think 🙂

    Regards and thanks,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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