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    I am working on a website that uses a custom post type to make posts about articles from a published journal. Each article has a post but the article is written by someone other than the author of the post. Each post has a custom field for the author of the article and we would like to replace the post author field with the custom field for the author so that the article author displays on the visible post. Here is a sample post with post author shown:

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    I have searched for this topic but couldn’t find anything that was helpful, any suggestions? I can make the custom author field display with an Advanced Custom Field shortcode but I would like to make it automatic.

    with thanks,



    If you have a way to use a shortcode to insert a custom field, then you can try to use the Xtreme Plus PluginsĀ  Custom Post Info lines.

    This allows you to compose your own Post Info lines with a mixture of HTML, shortcodes and variables.

    If you have Plus, the custom Post info lines are found at the bottom of the Main Options > Post Specifics page, and there is a help for them

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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