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    I would like to renew my license as I have done for several years. I do not want to use PayPal and I am stuck on the payment page. I keep selecting checkout as guest so I can select the card to give the info and it keeps asking me for an email and then asks me to login.

    This is making me nuts. Is there some other way to pay than going through PayPal?

    Please set this thread to private when you can.

    Thank you.


    UPDATE: Apparently PayPal has a box checked as the default to save info & create PayPal account when entering the email, even if the intention is to check out as “guest”.  This got saved from the last time I renewed and kept the info. I used a different email address this time and the payment went through. I will see about how I can delete the account with my preferred email.



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    Seems like many sites are finding ways to keep hold of visitors, even when they don’t want to.

    Sorry. Apparently the payment methods supported by the service plugin I use has started offering a new alternative to PayPay, so I may check that out – although I don’t know what info it might try to hold on to…

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