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    Yet another problem.  I tried out the blog page, right after I’d made the Blog page -select- and page with posts, thinking the problem was solved. The published blog post wasn’t the one I’d written, but just showed my featured image. This is what I was warned would happen if I didn’t set to blog page to -select-. So the blog page wasn’t working despite the new setting and I deleted the post. Now I have a post box with “Nothing Found” sitting there. I tried deleting the entire page and starting over. No luck, the block with Nothing Found reappeared on the new page. Is there a way to delete this, or to replace it?


    no idea what you are saying here.

    Please provide a link of the bog page in question.

    The bog page will show all your posts, so if you have some weird content there, than it would be in one of the posts


    If you are using a Weaver Xtreme Page with Posts to show your posts, then the behavior you just described means that you have no posts to show as determined by the options for how the posts are to be displayed.

    Normally, the Featured Image will be set for the PwP page, and is not connected to any posts.

    And if you do have posts defined, then they will be displayed as determined in the options for the PwP page. I believe that normally that would be as an excerpt which only shows part of the post.

    But seeing any content from your post means the PwP is trying to display the post.

    Seeing Nothing Found means the PwP can’t find any posts that match its settings for displaying posts.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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