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    I installed the Elementor plugin and using that editor I was able to directly edit HTML of the page, remove the extra paragraph marks and replace them with line breaks. However, those changes would not save when I went back to the WordPress dashboard and reloaded the page. How can I do this in WordPress/Weaver Xtreme?

    The page I am working on is http://www.houseofsagesnyc.org/index.php/about-us/

    Thank you!


    I am not surer what you are trying to do.

    If you are trying to change the spacing between paragraph, the best way to do that is changing the default 1em bottom margin, and not using line breaks.

    You can either do that globally using the theme Options in Main Options > Content area > Text > Space after Paragraph and list
    or Customizing ▸ Spacing, Widths, Alignment > Content > Space after Paragraph and list

    Or you can do it locally for that page content only using Custom CSS like the rule below placed in the Theme Global Custom CSS Rule box

    #post-46 p {margin-bottom:2em;}

    If you insist on using line breaks, you can set the bottom margin to zero with one of the two ways explained above, then add the lines in your content.


    If you are using Elementor to create page content, it is sort of in control of the output, which could explain why you can’t “save” your changes. Just the act of saving an Elementor created page will be filtered through Elementor, which needs to keep page elements organized in its own standards.

    Assuming standard <p> HTML is issued for text, then @scrambler ‘s suggestions might be an okay approach, but typically such formatting is the responsibility of Elementor, which can in many ways overrides standard theme CSS styling. There also should be Elementor elements to build the spacing you want – just a matter of figuring out the Elementor way of handling that.


    It’s not the spacing between paragraphs I want to change; I want groups of lines to be in the same paragraph, without space in between the lines, like this:

    Society of Supporters of the House of Sages, Inc.
    273 East Broadway
    New York, NY 10002

    The editor here allowed me to edit the HTML directly (not just the CSS). Is there a way to do that in WordPress/Weaver XTreme?

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    When you type your text, when you hit ENTER it creates a new Paragraph.
    To enter several lines inside the same paragraph, hit SHIFT+ENTER  instead, and the lines will be in the same paragraph. No need to mess with HTML 🙂

    That said, and in case you do need to do HTML editing, If you are using the Theme Page editor, it depends if you are using the new WordPress Block editor or the Classic editor plugin.

    With the classic editor plugin, you can edit the HTML by switching the editor to TEXT mode instead of Visual, and if you are doing major HTML editing, you may want to check the Xtreme page option “Allow Raw HTML and script”, this will prevent WordPress from doing its own manipulation on your content.

    If you are using the block editor, use the paragraph blocks


    Thanks for the Shift-Enter tip, that works great!

    I imagine there will still be times when I want to do some HTML editing. You mentioned ‘Theme Page editor’, do you mean the plugin called “Theme Editor”? I also found a plugin called “Classic editor”.


    No I meant the editor that is available when you open a page or post editing page.

    It is either the WordPress Block Editor, or the Classic Editor if you have installed the Classic Editor plugin.

    If you install the Classic Editor plugin, you have the choice to use either that or the WordPress Block editor, and can switch back and forth between both

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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