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    Hi Folks,

    A year ago I upgraded to Xtreme from Weaver2.

    I am now using an Xtreme-child and Xtreme V4.3.4 and WP 5.4.

    I have the following 3 Weaver plugins installed (1 activated) and I was wondering if I can remove them permanently, or is there the possibility I may need them later for some odd reasons?

    1)  Weaver Show Posts   V1.5  Normally not activated.

    2)  Weaver Themes Shortcode Compatibility   V1.0.4  Normally not activated as I don’t think I use any old Weaver2 code.

    3)  Weaver Xtreme Theme support   V4.0.5  Normally activated.

    Additionally, are there any other plugins I should be using to enhance Xtreme?

    Regards and thanks,


    1. show posts is something you may need if you ever want to create a page that mixes content and posts or you need to have different group of posts on one page, or posts somewhere else than a page. It will also be useful if you need a slider at any point.
    2. the shortcode is still needed if you have any of the old Weaver II shortcodes in your site content that you have not modified to use the Xtreme syntax. If all your shortcodes have been updated to use the Xtreme Syntax, then you don’t need it.
    3. Theme support is essential for a few things like the Legacy Admin, I would keep that.

    As for other plugins if not already the case you want to have a Security plugin like Wordfence Security, you want an anti spam plugin like Akismet, and you may want an SEO plugin like Yoast SEO.

    If you don’t always like the new block Editor, you may want to ad the Classic Editor so you can switch back and forth based on your need,


    If you allow comments on your site, Akismet is essential. Otherwise, it doesn’t do anything.

    Show Posts is most useful if you need to embed posts in the middle of page content – otherwise the Page with Posts does much the same, but shows the posts at the end of the page.


    @Scrambler @Weaver

    Thank you kindly gentlemen.

    Greatly appreciated!

    Regards and thanks,


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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