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    Hi all,

    I’ve been away for a few years and this is my first real foray into the new WP interface and Weaver Xtreme Plus (just purchased a 5-site license).

    I’ve set the header background color to transparent/{background-color: rgba(201, 76, 76, 0.3);} in both the visual and legacy editors but am still getting black and gray backgrounds.

    I know it’s  remedial question, but I’ve been going back and forth for the past two hours …

    Perhaps my mistake was editing in both the visual sidebar thingy (which I am still not having an easy time making friends with and is actually why I backed away from site design a few years back) and the legacy WXplus interfaces? If so is there a reset to defaults option?

    URL: http://www.frenchquarterdaily.com/

    Many advance thanks for your patience.



    The next version of Weaver Xtreme (v5 – in early 2021) is very unlikely to continue to support the old Legacy checkbox interface, and will instead be Customizer Only, but with new options for how the options are organized.

    So now would be the time to switch to the Customizer.

    As far as BG colors go, almost every major area (<body>, #wrapper, #container, #header, #footer, #content, sidebars, and others) can have a different BG color.

    The “main” bg color is on the whole <body> and is white as set by the theme’s default style sheet.

    There is a WordPress option called “Site Background Color” that has been a part of WP for a long time, but we don’t recommend using it. It is found on the Customizer -> Colors -> Wrapping Areas -> Site Background Color option which is at the bottom. It is recommended to leave that value blank.

    The main site background for all areas can be set with the Weaver Xtreme Site Background Color which is the first option on the Wrapping Areas color menu and is applied to the whole <body> (default:white). The other main areas that can support bg colors (all of which have transparency set to clear by default.)

    So to get the bg color you want in the header, start with the main bg color to a know (like white), and then put whatever on the  header


    And do not open both the customizer and the legacy at the same time, or they will conflict with each other when saving…


    Finally getting back to this after the holidays …

    Thank you both for the tips. I will ignore the legacy interface and make myself make friends with the customizer.

    I un- and reinstalled literally everything related to the Weaver theme and everything seems to be back at defaults as I journey off into customizer land.  


    You are welcome to use the legacy interface,  just not open it at the same time as the customizer.

    In the same vein you not open more than one customizer or more than one legacy.

    If you have more than one setting page open at a time, they will override each other

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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