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    did you read my last post???

    You have CSS that centers the signup…

    But also follow weaver last remark, and use the theme align option to make the area full width



    I followed this issue with great interest. I have been dealing with CLS myself and found the use of the “Filmstrip View” on the performance test results page of Webpagetest very useful.

    You can set the “Thumbnail Interval” to e.g. 0.1 sec or even 60FPS. Combining this with checking “Highlight Layout Shifts” makes it (far) easier to find CLS.

    Hope this helps


    Thanks, Weaver, I will try to redesign! – And as I understand it, under all circumstances the issue will be automatically solved with Version 5!

    Thanks again for great support on my CLS issues – with your assistance I managed to reduce the CLS score significantly (close to zero!)

    Hope you have by now recovered from your accident!


    @MMWBAdmin – thanks for useful sharing …. I also use the tools https://gtmetrix.com/ as well as https://layoutstability.rocks/ and https://defaced.dev/tools/layout-shift-gif-generator/

    These tools provide a fast overview – both for desktop and mobile view.


Viewing 4 posts - 17 through 20 (of 20 total)
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