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    Is it possible to serve a different page when viewed on a mobile or tablet?


    Just up graded to Weaver Extreme and can’t see anywhere to do it


    thanks Wanda


    No that is no longer the case as it is normally not needed with Xtreme, given it has all sort of responsive features allowing the layout to adapt as well as device visibility options.

    It also has show if / hide if shortcodes that can be  used to limit content to some devices.

    The best is for you to describe what issue you are trying to solve, or what customization, and we can guide you through the features or custom solutions



    There may be plugins that can do that. Try searching plugins for redirect for mobile or something like that.


    I can only find a plugin that does a 301 redirect which I would like to avoid for SEO purposes.


    I also found the code belwo and wonder if that could be used.  If so where? Should I use a child theme?

    //* Do NOT include the opening php tag shown above. Copy the code shown below.
    //* Redirect homepage on mobile
    add_action( wp_head, wps_params, 10 );
    function wps_params() {
    if (window.location.pathname == / && jQuery(window).width() <= 480) {
    window.location = /webshop/;

    This function adds a small script to the head section of the theme. The script checks if you’re on the homepage and if the width of your browser is 480px or smaller. In case both are true the web shop page is loaded, instead of the default homepage (see the code example above).


    Thanks Wanda


    If you have a script that would do that, you could insert just the script (without the PHP), directly in the head section, by dropping the script in Advanced options > Head Section. This would be the code

    <script> ……. </script>

    FYI, Phone is normally a browser under 580px wide

    That said, If you would explain what difference you want between the regular home page and the mobile home page, we could may be give you a solution,

    For example, if it is about displaying different content on the page, you could do that with the Show_if shortcode

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    This did the trick



    I used this code in the content area of the page


    [show_if device=mobile]

    Show this on a mobile but not on a computer


    [hide_if device=mobile]

    Hide this on a mobile but not on a computer




    Which is what I suggested from the beginning 🙂


    Yes, thanks you did Scrambler.


    Just needed to get my head around it .  Also now I have a reminder and the exact code. Which may help someone else too!


    thanks again for your (as usual) excellent help





Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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