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    I’m currently updating a website which wasn’t modified for the last 12 months. We use Weaver Xtreme and for some posts WP Editor Widget in the left sidebar.

    For instance: http://werkstattkultur.org/loot/

    As probably was to be expected (I did not) this widget doesn’t work properly anymore: The content (I wanted to edit a couple of outdated links) is simply not accessible. If one clicks on “Edit content” the following message appears, and that’s it.


    I’ve admittedly no idea what the problem is, but I was hoping that someone could recommend a working text widget which would allow formatting text and add images similar to what we previously achieved with WP Editor Widget in the example above.

    (The left sidebar with the widget area is only visible on larger screens. For smaller screens the sidebar is hidden and image and information move to the bottom of the post.)

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


    Do you have the Classic Editor plugin installed?

    You could also try the standard WordPress Custom HTML widget. If you don’t want to write directly in HTML, you could probably create a draft page or post, and use the Classic Editor to create the content, then open in the Text view, and copy that HTML to the Custom HTML widget.



    You could have a look at this one




    Thank you both. Yes, I have the Classic Editor Plugin installed. I had a look at various other plugins, but I possibly just don’t understand the concept of shortcodes.

    When I go to Appearance > Widgets and choose f.i. the text widget and define an area and a position for it (is it normal, that Drag & Drop a widget into the desired area doesn’t work anymore? I was used to do so when I set up the website, and I kinda miss it), it looks like this:

    (OK, uploading a screenshot seems not possible… I’ll try to describe it…)

    There’s a box “Text” in the field “Primary Sidebar” and a button “Edit”. So far so good. This is how it used to look like.

    When I click the button “Edit” I get back to the page where I’m asked to “Select both the sidebar for this widget and the position of the widget in that sidebar.” – which I’ve already done before, otherwise it wouldn’t appear in “Primary Sidebar”, right?

    And there’s a shortcode. And that’s it.

    So where would I actually insert my text, let alone HTML, styling, images, whatever? I was used to an opening window, popup, field, whatever, looking similar to the one I’m currently typing in here. But – nothing, except a shortcode.

    So what I’m supposed to do in order to get my text into the widget area? I assume that’s a really dumb question, but at the moment I’m completely at a loss.



    I am not 100% sure I follow what you are doing.

    When I go to Appearance widget and click on the down arrow in a widget like the Text widget, I get a list of widget area to choose from, like primary sidebar, Then I click add widget, and that widget appears opened in the primary Widget Sidebar area. And yes you are right, today you no longer drag and drop.

    There I can give it a title, add content and click done.

    So I don’t know what you mean by “Select both the sidebar for this widget and the position of the widget in that sidebar.” 

    As I do not have anything asking me that. This makes me wonder if you are using a plugin that changes the way widgets are used.

    So you need to explain in more detail what you are doing and what widget you are trying to use and may be deactivate ALL non weaver plugin for a moment to see if that changes the interaction


    Thank you for the fast reply!

    I’m currently using WP 5.5 and the latest update of Weaver Xtreme. At Appearance > Widgets, widgets don’t have a down arrow, but a button “Add”. By clicking on that button I get to a new window with a field “Shortcode: Please save this first.” Below that is the line: “Select both the sidebar for this widget and the position of the widget in that sidebar” and a list of widget areas to choose from. When there’s already a widget in the selected widget area, one has the possibility to choose the position for the new one. By clicking “Add” again, the widget is added to the area and a short code is generated. And that’s it.

    I hadn’t added content to the website for at least 18 months, and since Appearance > Widgets has changed quite a bit, I didn’t know what to make of the absence of any kind of editor or actual text field.

    Your advice to deactivate all plugins was spot-on! A plugin named Image in Widget by Rameez hid the field “Title” and the actual text editor and left only the shortcode visible!

    After deactivating Image in Widget I get the field “Title” and the text editor for text widgets. Unfortunately WP Editor Widget still only produces the javascript line I quoted in my first post, but doesn’t actually show the editor, which used to appear as a popup window. Any idea what the reason could be?

    The plugin you’ve recommended, Widget Content Blocks, seems to be a very good replacement though! Thank you!


    So I assume the Image in Widget was also responsible for the Add button on widgets in Appearance Widget, because I do not have that using the same WP 5.5

    I don’t know what you call WordPress Editor widget, if this comes from a plugin and it is not working, go to the plugin page on WP.org, check if it is supposed to be compatible with the latest version of WordPress, and if so, contact the developer about your issue.

    I also remembered I uses a Plugin called

    Black Studio Tiny MCE

    You may also want to check it out.


    No, Image in Widget was not responsible for the “Add” button, but it was hiding the down arrow of the widgets! Without the down arrows, the only way to add widgets to a widget area seemed drag and drop, which of course didn’t work anymore – so in a desperate attempt to make it work, I enabled accessibility mode, without really knowing what it was. The “Add” button is a feature there and at least it wasn’t affected by Image in Widget.

    I simply didn’t think of disabling accessibility mode again, because I assumed that’s the new way to use widgets. Your reply made me try, and now that Image in Widget is deleted and accessibility mode disabled, the down arrows are there. Hallelujah!

    “WordPress Editor Widget” is the name of a plugin which adds a rich text widget. It was quite useful for our purposes. I checked today, and it wasn’t updated for quite a while and support requests were not answered for the last couple of months, so I guess it’s best to just delete it and use another plugin.

    Thanks again! Much appreciated!


    PS: I just gave it one last try, and with Image in Widget deleted and accessibility mode disabled, even the popup editor of above mentioned rich text widget is there again! So the problem was 1) Image in Widget hiding the down arrows and 2) enabling accessibility mode, which intervened with the popup editor of the rich text widget, while Image in Widget blocked the title and text editor fields.

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