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    Xtreme theme with the Xtreme Plus plugin. After upgrading my Bluehost hosted site to PHP 7.1, http://ravensworthstory.org/, there is now a problem with 2 pages inappropriately drawing popups from my Wow Modal Windows plugin ( https://wow-estore.com/item/wow-modal-windows-pro/). My dashboard has this message: “Wow Modal Windows Pro! Please check all your modal windows and make changes if necessary. Please note that the Font Awesome icons and styles of close button have been updated. Go to the Wow Modal Windows Pro page. Sorry for the inconvenience.”
    I’m corresponding with Wow Support, but thought the Weaver Team might could help. The issue may be with Xtreme’s Raw Template, as changing to Blank Template solves the problem with Wow but brings in headings, widgets, footers, etc where I want just the called for content.
    One page,  http://ravensworthstory.org/people/owners/fitzhugh-family/, draws content from another page (that uses Raw Template) into an embedded window, with this shortcode [weaver_iframe src=’http://ravensworthstory.org/people/owners/fitzhugh-family/fitzhugh-owners/‘ height=1150 percent=70].
    Other page,  http://ravensworthstory.org/landmarks/roads-circa-1800/map-roads-circa-1800/, uses Raw Template. It’s content is this shortcode <img src="http://ravensworthstory.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/roads_1800.png” alt=”map of roads in and near Ravensworth circa 1800″ width=”889″ height=”848″ class=”size-full wp-image-173″ /> Map of roads in and near Ravensworth circa 1800
    Wow Modal Windows calls popups with shortcodes, e.g., [Modal-Window id=”9″]. This is my one page that uses the plugin http://ravensworthstory.org/events/mosby-in-fairfax-warrenton-quiz/. Whatever is going on, somehow my 2 problem pages using Raw Template are pulling the modal windows popups to overlay the page content. No other pages on the site have the problem.

    Even if an interaction was found to be the issue, only the plugin developer knows how his plugin works, so they are the one who can diagnose the issue.


    Problem is now fixed with Wow Modal Windows plugin support advice, and I will mark Resolution as “resolved.”

    My fault for not reading the plugin documentation thoroughly. I needed set the “Publish” choice to just the page “where shortcode is inserted.” I had left the default setting of “all posts and pages.”

    I conclude from my experience that even if a page or post does not include a modal window shortcode, other shortcodes may contain code that activates wow modal windows. Apparently my two problem pages did that.
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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