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    On just one of my webpages a Search icon and G’day John has appeared.
    I have no idea why, Smart menus is not turned on.
    I expect I could get rid of it by Deleting the page and recreating, but thought the powers that be maybe interested in this phenomenon.
    URL ctry.biz



    I do not see that when I go to your site, just the Register and login text at the top right.

    I believe it is done by whatever you are using to login. When you login it shows who you are. If you are using a plugin or a wordpress feature, check what options are available.


    What you see does sound like a login pluig. Could also be a specific browser “feature” / advertising addon that get added to browsers “helpfully” sometimes.

    It definately has nothing to do with SmartMenus!


    It only appears on the 1 page.
    Have just realised it’s the logged in menu, that is normally over on the right and stays in the top black section when logged in.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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